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    Should a low level character know to burn a troll?

    Bladders give gall. I mean I didn't read the whole anatomy book, but I skimmed it so I'm pretty sure about this one.
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    Making monks cool again

    Since a recent errata any stunned creature will automatically fail to escape grapples. So even an 8 str monk can grapple with impunity as long as they stun their foe first.
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    What's a word for a non-adventurer?

    Hmm. Townsfolk, city folk, civilized or settled all rule out nomadic folk. Folk may still be the best word. How about Sane? or Respectable? Edit: For example "A Respectable Barbarian works for the good of the tribe. He doesn't go slacking off with Wizards and their ilk."
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    Consent in Gaming - Free Guidebook

    I will admit to glossing over your walls of text instead of reading them thoroughly
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    Consent in Gaming - Free Guidebook

    I don't know about "shrill" in fact I don't think I've ever used that word before. But if there is panic you can always remind folks: I guess I just don't see that. Or this. Or this. perfectly reasonable On this we agree.
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    Consent in Gaming - Free Guidebook

    I like to feel I'm having a reasonable discussion about it. But I might be wrong.
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    Consent in Gaming - Free Guidebook

    Is there though? If there is I missed it. 🤷‍♂️
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    Consent in Gaming - Free Guidebook

    I actually feel the same way, but for that exact reason I like that it was written. I like that we are talking about it so I can say things like: The default being No unless everyone buys in won't work for me because I can't anticipate all things triggering, but a short list of things most...
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    Consent in Gaming - Free Guidebook

    Why are you saying this? No one has argued that Conventions and Stores have to use it. Also Monte Cook is not the author.
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    Consent in Gaming - Free Guidebook

    In case you didn't realize, no one from the federal or state government has come and tried to stop your exercise in speech, nor would they be able to based upon the book that is the topic of the thread.
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    Consent in Gaming - Free Guidebook

    I work in an industry were consent is important, but few would realize it as it's always phrased as "buy in." If we don't buy in on said system/process/technology/solution it is bound to fail regardless of how good it is is a pretty well accepted truth in my day to day world. So I've always...
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    What do you like about the new site?

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    Tell me about your Adventures in Middle-Earth experiences, please

    Dunedain do get some advantages over other human cultures, but with regard to Cultural Heirlooms and even cultural Virtues I think they fall behind. They have a slight advantage in the beginning, but not enough to tip game balance IMHO. There are much worse problems with balance however (I'm...
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    Here's What A 5' Square Actually Looks Like

    If we are want something truly universal we're stuck with binary. ;)