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    DDI - What's happening to the Virtual Game Table and Character Visualiser?

    I thought it did a fine job of making transsexual characters.:)
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    PHB3 cover!

    There is precedent for butt-kicking librarians though. Take for example. YouTube - The Librarian 2 trailer
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    Fall TV Cheat Sheet, Renewals and Cancelations...

    Ah yes, Syphi. Where Sci-Fi shows are given a chance as long as they can be produced on the budget of a reality show.
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    July Blockbusters

    Terminator is this Friday.
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    Primeval #1:Series 3/2009

    Oh well, I guess I will have quite a marathon in a month.
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    Life After People

    I was wondering if anyone would catch that reference.
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    Primeval #1:Series 3/2009

    The question was do I need to see the first half of season 2 before I see the second half of season 2. (I will still see the first half, it will just be delayed)
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    Primeval #1:Series 3/2009

    Was there anything in the first four episodes of Season 2 that I shoulld hold off on watching the BBCA episodes while Sci-Fi catches up. Basicly I have not been watching until Sci-Fi picked it up. So I have seen all of season 1 now, but now BBCA is staring to show Season 3 while also...
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    Dollhouse Confirmed for Season 2!

    Does Joss not learn? Negotiating with Fox is a losing battle. While they are renewing it, this is still Fox. Unless the show can maintain its patheticly weak 1.0 (Most shows drop between seasons) I suspect Fox will end up canceling it anyway after 3-4 episodes.
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    Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus

    I guess the production values were too high for Syphi to show it.
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    Shaky Cam - Your Thoughts? (Forked Thread: The new Star Trek movie is...)

    Well there are accounts of me dating back as early as 1692. :D I don't read much of the modern stuff, and even Sci-Fi I haven't really bothered ready much past the 90s. I am not an English professor (unlike my father) and don't pay much attention to writing styles.
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    Shaky Cam - Your Thoughts? (Forked Thread: The new Star Trek movie is...)

    Colour me an old fuddy-duddy but I find that second example extremely hard to follow. I would give up on any book very quickly if the writing style were like that.
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    Shaky Cam - Your Thoughts? (Forked Thread: The new Star Trek movie is...)

    The problem is not that 3rd person needs to be mentioned, it is that using shaky cam is like going from 3rd person to 1st person then back to 3rd person. In a book I would find it confusing if the narrative kept jumping between 1st and 3rd person without a justification. Its not that it can't be...
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    The new Star Trek movie is...

    As long as there was still some Rich Corinthian Leather somewhere in the movie.
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    Movie Fight Club: Star Trek vs. Wolverine

    The Star Trek franchise has been that hot, it just has 2 things going on that need to be accounted for. One is inflation, and the other is previous release patterns. First Contact made 30 Million in 1996 which equals 40 Million today and ended up grossing domestically 90 million which equals...