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    Diversity in D&D Third Edition

    Paladins. The D&D Monk class is a representation of the legends of asian mystical/religious warriors and the feats associated with them. (Albeit viewed through the lens of western orientalism.) The D&D Paladin class is a representation of the legends of western mystical/religious warriors and...
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    5E Fighting Style for Melee Knife/Dagger Use

    Nah. You can't throw a crossbow unless you have a bolt to drop on the ground. As per the "Ammunition" property. :hmm:
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    5E Fighting Style for Melee Knife/Dagger Use

    Extra damage when grappling is probably what I'd do for a general rule to improve daggers: probably just double damage dice. Outside of being used while wrestling someone in armour, they weren't generally used in preference to a larger weapon in general melee situations. I might also houserule...
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    Changing How Wizards Use Cantrips

    I can see it causing some issues in games at the higher tiers of play. Most games don't seem to reach the sweet spot for balance of 6-8 encounters per day, so at higher levels, wizards very rarely have to rely on cantrips. At this point, many wizards would jump at the chance to have a wider...
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    5E New Unearthed Arcana: Psionics!

    The existence of psionic subclasses for wizard fighter and rogue does not preclude the existence of a full psionic class any more than the existence of arcane subclasses for fighter and rogue precludes a full wizard class. JC has explained that they aren't going to make psionics a completely...
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    Artificer: Alchemist Impressions

    The ability only allows you to create Artisan's Tools. Vehicles, musical instruments, Herbalist's kit, Thieves tools etc are Tools, but not Artisan's Tools.
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    Rate Eberron: Rising from the Last War

    If it is not in the PHB, it needs to appear in most material that will require it. The existence of the Goblin PC statblock in Ravnica material does not allow it to be omitted from Eberron material, so it will need to be reprinted there. The same does for all material, whether spells, feats...
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    Eberron versus Multiverse

    You do understand that when the book talks about the multiverse here, it specifically means Eberron's cosmology? As in the 13 moons linked to Eberron's 13 planes? Not to anything outside that. This is incorrect. The planes of Eberron are sealed off from the gods of the other settings in the...
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    New UA: 43 D&D Class Feature Variants

    Because the image conjured up by "Ash and Pikachu" is one in which your companion does most of the fighting rather than you. As such, it would have to have combat stats close to a martial player character, since the Beastmaster and Battle Smith's (both only half casters) companion seem to be...
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    How do you feel about Save or Die?

    If Hold Person was just one save and paralysed for a full minute if you failed, it would need to be a higher level spell for balance reasons. More to the point however, a player who still needs to roll a save during their combat round may have time to take a drinks order or similar between...
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    Artificer: Alchemist Impressions

    Depends on level. Two attacks using Int Mod and the Steel Defender's attack will mean at level 5 the Battlesmith is probably doing more, but it doesn't scale like the Rogue's damage does at higher levels. Battlesmith does get to add a damage or healing rider to some attacks, but this isn't great...
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    Artificer: Alchemist Impressions

    I'm wondering if the Alchemist's Experimental Elixirs were balanced around the "worst-case" scenario rather than the "common usage" that most classes/subclasses are. At the top level of minmaxing, the stacking-with-other-effects, no-concentration buffs with an action economy you can pass to...
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    Eberron: from Maltese Falcon to The Newsroom

    Sounds like a pretty good reason why the PCs might start investigating mysterious disappearances in the slums, the truth about the Lost City of the Dwarves, or why the management might send them far away to a savage and dangerous continent to cover an expedition delving deep into the jungle...
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    5E Skills and Ability Checks -- Perspective on Consistency vs DM Empowerment

    I believe that he is saying that the chance of a PC to prevent a fellow PC from being hurt from a fall can be automatic (cast Feather Fall) or a range based on the DM that can go from easy ("Sure, I'll let you try to nail his clothing to the wall to stop him falling with a ranged attack" <Sets a...
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    5E Rising from the Last War preview featuring Keith Baker

    Keith Baker has hinted fairly heavily that Exploring Eberron is likely to have the equivalent of Greater Dragonmark feats in it for non-spellcasters.