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  1. Captain Tagon

    D&D 4E Non-Euclidean Geometry in 4E?

    Which is why I used hexes if I use a grid at all. Though I'd rather just use a tape measure. I try not to think too hard about any aspect of DnD however, this is just another example of how it can make a brain hurt.
  2. Captain Tagon

    D&D 4E Non-Euclidean Geometry in 4E?

    All these charts of how to protect the wizard are making me want to go play Blood Bowl now. And the fighter fails as a defender for not putting the enemy in his tackle box.
  3. Captain Tagon

    D&D 4E So anyone want to see some generic 1st level slimes in 4E?

    I want slimes as playable characters. Or maybe I just like DragonQuest too much.
  4. Captain Tagon

    Star Wars Galaxy Tiles: Anyone Have?

    I saw this at a book store yesterday. Almost picked them up but hadn't heard anything yet? Anyone have these and have a positive or negative review of them?
  5. Captain Tagon

    D&D 4E How is the 4e announcement affecting your game groups?

    My group currently rotates between HERO system games and indie press RPGs. The 4e announcement and info has us contemplating playing DnD as a group for the first time ever.
  6. Captain Tagon

    D&D 4E Green Ronin's Pramas blogs on 4e or not 4e

    My local book stores have GURPS. Tons of it. And some Paladium. And a little Margaret Weiss productions. Tons of White Wolf stuff. Some Classic Battletech. And as far as the three companies I originally mentioned making d20 products, well an imprint of White Wolf does d20 stuff, but when have...
  7. Captain Tagon

    D&D 4E Green Ronin's Pramas blogs on 4e or not 4e

    ::cough::White Wolf, Steve Jackson Games, HERO Games::cough::
  8. Captain Tagon

    D&D 4E 1/2 Orcs in 4E (Rich Baker scoop)

    If you want to roleplay a PC who is an outsider in his culture, why not just make a human or elf or whatever that doesn't fit in for one reason or another. I mean tons of people around the world today are social outcasts and none of them are half-orcs.
  9. Captain Tagon

    Prelude to Red Hand of Doom

    It looks like I'm going to be running Red Hand of Doom for some friends of mine in the near future. However, it being an adventure for 6th level characters, I was wondering if there were any published adventures out there you guys would suggest to get the characters to a high enough level for...
  10. Captain Tagon

    D&D 4E 4E indications - Has it slowed your purchases alreadY?

    Nah, giving up on d20 in it's current incarnation has slowed down my purchases. I'm actually interested in 4e, depending on how many sacred cows it changes, I might come back to DnD.
  11. Captain Tagon

    Looking to Buy a Laptop

    Since I'm going to be a commuter to school next year, I'm looking to get a laptop for portability (and several other reasons). I want something that runs well and has a good bit of memory on it for music and videos and the like. Playing cutting edge computer games isn't required, but it would be...
  12. Captain Tagon

    GI Joe/Ninja Turtles Trade Paperbacks

    So I'm looking for two things here. I need suggestions for good GI Joe trade paperbacks, and suggestions for Ninja Turtles ones. Any classic stories for either would be great.
  13. Captain Tagon

    System for GI Joe

    Some friends and I are thinking of doing a GI Joe-esque game. However, I can't decide if I'd rather do it using Mutants and Masterminds Second Edition or Spycraft 2.0. Anyone out there have any ideas which would fit the genre better?
  14. Captain Tagon

    TSR Example from the worst TSR adventure module(s) ever published

    No, that would have forced the PCs into violence. Those gazebos must be destroyed.
  15. Captain Tagon

    TSR Example from the worst TSR adventure module(s) ever published

    I just want to know how they locked the door on a pavilion.