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    D&D 5E Two New D&D Books Revealed: Feywild & Strixhaven Mage School

    Fey books sounds fun. Fey really are untapped for the most part. Few third party books with fey, but not alot. Guess I will bug the kids for that for my birthday. Hard pass on magic setting.
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    D&D 5E Monte Cook's Ptolus Kickstarter Has Launched

    That's reall y a testament on how good that book is. We had a 6 year campaign out of it, but really it could have gone longer. You could play it in multiple times and never play the same plots twice
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    D&D 5E Monte Cook's Ptolus Kickstarter Has Launched

    Is there any posts or spots discussing campaigns yet, back like the old days?
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    D&D 5E Monte Cook's Ptolus Kickstarter Has Launched

    For my book today, 5th edition. Just need time to crack it open. See if there is any differences....
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    D&D 5E Lightning Bolt should be better.

    And didn't it also bounce or reflect off stone walls as well? I swear that was a thing back in 1at or 2nd. Throw the bolt, have it hit the stone wall and come back, effectively hitting twice
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    The Lost Art of Dungeon-Crawling

    Besides those, and pathfinder mention before, the OSR various lines have a ton of them. Barr owmaze, stonehell, highfell,gunderholfen, castle of the mad archmage. Easily looking 6 to 10 sitting on my shelf
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    D&D 5E Temple of Elemental Evil is the next Original Adventures Reincarnated

    August? Awesome gives me time to prepare
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    D&D General What is the appeal of Tolkien fantasy races?

    everyone has different tastes. Elves and dwarves can seem like humans with Tolkien magic element, and can be played as such. But tget are, in fact different cultures and can(and should in my opinion) be played as such. Someone that lives 1000 years has a very different perspective then someone...
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    D&D 5E New D&D WotC survey asks if you read ENWORLD!

    Long survey. But that's fine. Not sure they will like the fact I'm spending 5 to 6 times the amount of money on 3rd party books then with their books...but third party is putting out more what I want, so.....
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    D&D General Dragonlance's Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman Are Suing WotC for Breach of Contract

    Hard to reconcile that with the fact that wotc approved book 1 in January 2020. So it seems they can work together. More likely the change in who was in charge there in june is the issue
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    D&D 3E/3.5 I've been running a Ptolus campaign since 2006. Here's what I've done with the setting.

    There was so much there. Ideas, things to print. Everyones campaign write ups. Miniature converstions. Anyone remember the towering machine that someone built and it got sent from dm to dm when needed?
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    D&D 3E/3.5 I've been running a Ptolus campaign since 2006. Here's what I've done with the setting.

    Awesome. We played for 5 years before we moved on. I remember you from Montes forums. Man we lost alot of info when it crashed. Thanks for the update. Are you getting the 5e version?
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    D&D 1E Mearls on AD&D 1E

    Because in 1e or ADD, it's all on YOU as the player. Theres no diplomacy rolls to talk your way out of things. It's on you to talk out of it. You didnt have to be a great speaker personally but you had to do something. In dungeons it's on you to figure it out and outwit the trap and the...
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    D&D 5E How Wotc can improve the adventure books.

    Ever? looks across the room at 4 bookshelves and multiple editions of D&D products Yeah that's a large and dubious claim. Maybe for you, but not all time.