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    Game Design Masterclass: Ars Magica

    I understand there was a draft Gumshoe game titled "Tales of the Quaesitores" or some such. But I've never seen any indication that it progressed much beyond an interesting concept.
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    Why Not Magic?

    2 reasons: Co & Nan.
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    Game Design Masterclass: Ars Magica

    A mage is way more powerful than a normal person in the setting, too.
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    Game Design Masterclass: Ars Magica

    Not starting at 1st level & troupe play are part of the same feature of Ars Magica - that players are encouraged to make up to three PCs of varying power levels: the mage, a companion who is still better/more unique than the average schmuck, and the average schmuck. So you may play one session...
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    Sad Day In Syracuse

    We were lucky in the Triangle to have only one game store close up during Covid; there are still 3 major ones (one of which just opened a second location). In comparison, during the last recession we lost 2 big players.
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    RPG Crowdfunding News – Delta Green, Tome of Heroes, Mausritter, and more

    One of the problems with the stuff that came out ~10 years ago (Targets of Opportunity, which gets included at $330,000) is that the zeitgeist of '90s Delta Green had largely subsided. It will be interesting to see that stuff side-by-side with contemporary material. The scenario Convergence...
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    Top 100 Under One Million

    Thanks for this! I'm surprised to have only backed 2 of these, although I have 13 days to back Delta Green. Shout out to EN World, whose Kickstarter cleared £53,786!
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    When and what game did you start with.

    '80 or '81, the tail end of grade school. If anyone has read The Monsters Know What They're Doing, I had the exact same reaction to the review of D&D in Games magazine. There was no way a game could do all the stuff that the reviewer mentioned! But once I played with some friends - the earliest...
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    Do you remember your first RPG purchase?

    My brothers and I bought dad the Holmes box set but ended up using it more often than he did. For myself, it was either Dungeon Geomorphs or a Runequest adventure that confused the hell out of me.
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    So You've Decided to Run a "Western" Game. What Kind?

    =681982&hash=a09c152e752019ab69a2f3fceb84b841']Attach files I have a soft spot for Graham Greene in Maverick. Watching the scene again I didn't realize he sounds as Canadian as the McKenzies.
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    So You've Decided to Run a "Western" Game. What Kind?

    I've also heard that "Kemo Sabe" was similar enough to "que no sabe" that a lot of Spanish speakers think Tonto is insulting him back.
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    So You've Decided to Run a "Western" Game. What Kind?

    I think there's a noticeable undercurrent of the West as the place where the bad things of colonialism/Old World society cannot yet reach. If you focus on that, you can begin to minimize some of the genre's pernicious effects. So you have PCs in the region avoiding those who would oppress them...
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    Undead Origins

    Night's Black Agents uses 4 categories for vampire origin: Supernatural, Damned, Mutant, Alien.
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    What is your biggest RPG heartbreak?

    For a few years I lived an hour away from Milwaukee while Gen Con was there, but lacked the time to game - so it never occurred to me to attend (during the dame period, I ignored my friend telling me how great this new Magic the Gathering game was for about 6 months).
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    E. Gary Gygax Sr. May Have Had Another, More Recent Will?

    I just like the name of the stenographer.