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    WOIN WOIN GM Screen and cheat sheets?

    Is there anywhere I can find a GM screen for WOIN, please? I am also very interested in any cheat/crib sheets out there for the game if anyone has any links to some, please. Thank you in advance!
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    Vampire the Masquerade 5th. edition....how crunchy is it?

    I own all the stuff so far for Vampire the Masquerade 5e but it has been months since my initial read-through of the material. I remember having the impression upon first read through that I was surprised at the number of rules, especially for vampires and how they operate (Blood Resonance and...
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    Blood Red Skies vs. Wings of Glory vs. Aeronautica Imperialis

    Which game do you prefer between these 3 and why? I am trying to figure out which I want to buy.
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    5E [Adventures in Middle Earth] adventure order?

    With all the official adventures put forth for the game up to this point if you wished to play through all the published adventures currently available with your campaign group what suggested order would you do so, please? Additionally, are there any fanmade adventures out there I can purchase...
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    SF Starfinder compared to 5e

    How does Starfinder compare to D&D 5e in terms of complexity/crunch? How easy is it to run compared to D&D 5e? Which do you like to run more and which do you prefer to play?
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    Does Paizo have a PDF program for those that have bought the books?

    I picked up a lot of Starfinder books this week and am wondering if Paizo has a pdf program for those that purchased the books? I bought the books at my local FLGS.
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    SF Should I pick up Starfinder if I hate Pathfinder

    I have heard multiple people state that it is not fair to call it Pathfinder in space. Regardless, I picked up the core rulebook, GM screen, Combat Pad, and Condition Cards the other night because I have been a bit intrigued. If I end up hating it I will sell it off or something. I hope I do...
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    SF Should I pick up Starfinder if I hate Pathfinder

    How does Coriolos compare to Starfinder? Which is crunchier? Which has the cooler setting? Would you choose something like Frontierspace by DWD Studios instead?
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    SF Should I pick up Starfinder if I hate Pathfinder

    I am very familiar with Savage Worlds. The big issue with doing something like that is I need a pre-made sci-fantasy or sci-fi setting to jump into with aliens, tech, etc. already built. I do not have the time to create it all.
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    SF Should I pick up Starfinder if I hate Pathfinder

    What other game would you compare the crunch level to so I can get an idea of the complexity?
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    SF Should I pick up Starfinder if I hate Pathfinder

    I hate Pathfinder. I am not a fan of 3.5 at all. Starfinder looks intriguing to me though. I like the idea of fantasy races and aliens, etc. in a sci-fantasy setting. However, I HATE how bogged down in rules minutia Pathfinder is. I read once that Starfinder is a bit more rules-lite than...
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    Setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG (DCC)?

    What is the implied setting for the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG? I've seen mention of Aereth in the core rulebook but is there any setting book or material I can get to flesh that out a bit as a setting? I've also seen an been interested in Tales From the Fallen Empire and it looks amazing...
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    5E Witch Hunter Class thoughts

    My face-to-face 5e group is currently in the Ravenloft setting and I was thinking this class might be perfect for that. What do you all think about the class overall and which Order of the class do you think is best?
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    5E The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces

    I just saw the The Lost Lands: Borderland Provinces setting book by Necromancer Games for the 5e system but there is next to no info about this setting on their page. Does anyone know anything at all about this setting for 5e? I literally know nothing of it.
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    ONLINE Roll20 Mad Max style campaign (Atomic Highway)

    I have some players who along with myself are seeking an Atomic Highway GM interested in running a Mad Max style campaign. We are also accepting a couple more players. Any interest out there?