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Recent content by Dan Chernozub

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    D&D 5E Help me build a level 15 Conjurer (PHB only no Feats)

    So the thread is what it says in the title. I got offered to join a small high-level party for a dungeon crawl. The DM has good reputation, but I haven't played with him before. I do not now much about the rest of the party, but there are three of them and they have a Bard a Monk and a...
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    D&D 5E Using NPC Spellcasters

    After reading a couple of published adventures and playing a bit as a player, I have an impression that some (most?) DMs shun using NPC spellcasters unless it is a BBEG. Me personally, while running DnD standard, magic-abundant worlds, I use at least a few low-level spellcasters in any humanoid...
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    D&D 5E LMoP - Help us with Party Composition

    Intro After me deciding to try a printed module for the first time, three of my friends who have previously played my home-brew campaign decided to give it a try, too. And they brought another guy, who I will be DM-ing for the first time. So we are set to begin the Lost Mine of Phandelver...
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    D&D 5E Help needed with Homebrew Hobgoblin

    MM and Volo provide nice ideas for the Hobgoblin leaders and special forces, they to my taste lack the middle ranks - veterans and elites that take those ranks between a soldier and a captain. I'm running a homebrew campaign and a Goblinoid Legion is one of the major powers in the region, so...
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    D&D 5E Help My Group Tactics and Planning

    Intro: After a dozen years off DnD, I came back to DM 5e. I'm loving it, my players are enjoying the story and the game. However, they have created unoptimized characters and are feeling sub par, especially compared to another group that is going through the same homebrew campaign of mine...
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    D&D 5E Red Wyrmling Encounter Design

    Design Goals: - make a more interesting encounter as compared to just a flying brute with a breath weapon - upgrade Red Wyrmling to CR 7-8 adversary - give Wyrmling a couple of escape plans Suggested instruments: - Spellcasting - Minor Lair Actions - Terrain The most obvious route is to give...
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    D&D 5E Low-level Party going Underwater.

    I'm running a homebrew campaign, and the party of 5 level-4 characters has decided to explore the underwater tunnels. They have gotten their hands on a supply of water-breathing potions. I'm looking forward to limiting their gear for this adventure. The tunnels are not deep, but it seems...
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    D&D 5E Back to DnD after 12 years break. DM-ing questions thread.

    Recently back to DnD. I've last played/dmed 3e over a decade ago. So far I'm loving 5e. I'm running a homebrew campaign. We are using the 3 main books only, to keep it simple. Players are a mix of total newbies to DnD and moderately experienced guys (though everyone has experience with other...