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D&D 5E Help me build a level 15 Conjurer (PHB only no Feats)

Dan Chernozub

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So the thread is what it says in the title.

I got offered to join a small high-level party for a dungeon crawl.

The DM has good reputation, but I haven't played with him before.

I do not now much about the rest of the party, but there are three of them and they have a Bard a Monk and a Paladin, but I won't be getting any more details untill I meet them.

I haven't gotten that far with a Wizard before in 5e.

The options are limited to PHB only, no Feats, no optional rules.

Standard array stats. Race can be chosen freely.

Add any 3 Uncommon level magic items from DMG + a few thousand gp to stock up on mundane items/spell components/scribe etxra spells.

As a high-level dungeon crawl I expect teleportation/travel spells to be of limited use.


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I am not very keen on the idea of helping with the whole character, (seeems a little to straight forward, no offense) but helping with magic items should be pretty cool!

So first I would say that you need a wand!
-Wand of Magic Missiles: Could be cool, but I would only recommend it for a high combat game
-Wand of Secrets: Great if you got a DM who likes using traps and other secrets
-Wand of Web: Great! I love this wand so much... this is what I would take

Next you probably want something for utility:
-Bag of Holding: Perhaps not the best for one shots, but could definitely prove useful on a loot heavy dungeon crawl
-Bag of Tricks: Hilarious in play! Will lead to laughs
-Boots/Cloak of elvenkind: Always a great choice!
-Headband of Intellect: Pretty useful for a Wizard, but not a must have
-Robe of Useful Items: Great to have if your DM can design intriguing enough dungeons
-Pearl of Power: Also amazing! But not really needed for late levels

After this you might want something to protect you; you're a wizard after all:
-Cloak of Protection: Pretty great and would be wonderful for combat heavy games
-Periapt of Wound Closure: AMAZING! This item is so great for wizards. I highly recommend it.

My suggestion overall:
-Wand of web
-Cloak of Elvenkind
-Periapt of Wound Closure!

Have fun!


Make sure everybody are on board with summoning cheese.

(If the DM doesn't let you have the conjures you want, it's probably better to play another kind of caster.

After all, if you choose Blaster-Caster or God-Wizard that is much less likely to risk being actively hit by the DMs nerf-bat)

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