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    Level Up (A5E) Magic Item Pricing Concerns

    So I had a gamer who wants to buy a weapon +3. The party is around 14th level and they have around 8K each. I guess 8000 GP is a lot… just feels like a weapon +1 is 500 GP (uncommon)… weapon +2 (rare) is 3000 more… but a weapon +3 is only 5000 GP more (very rare).
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    A Bunch More Magic Items

    Jester, I know no one has posted on this in 5 years, but I and my gamers love your conversions from earlier magic items. We just decided to play some of the old 4e Encounters with 5e... and when I saw you updated the Acrobat Boots, I was so happy... I think all the items in these adventures...
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    Level Up (A5E) Future Downtime activities

    So I really like the Level Up downtime activities. Morrus, are you guys planning on adding new ones or updating the O5e DMG or Xanathar’s versions to Level Up? I am curious how selling magic items might look :)
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    Level Up (A5E) Steps to making a weapon +1

    Ahhh so all weapons are 500 GP and 250 GP to craft. Like PF2e… okay makes sense. Fine dagger is worth 27 GP but a dagger +1 is worth 500 GP.
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    Level Up (A5E) Steps to making a weapon +1

    How much is it to craft a longsword +1?
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    Okay the link for bugs… what a great idea! Just found a minor error and boom: submitted!
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    Level Up (A5E) Steps to making a weapon +1

    I want to make sure I undeestand the rukes for making a Longsword +1. First, make a Fine longsword. AG426 Longsword is 20 GP and fine adds another 25 GP. So fine longsword is 45 GP. Make a 20 DC Craft check and it takes 2 weeks. TT364 Crafting the weapon +1 is 250 GP plus 20 GP for longsword...
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    Level Up (A5E) Crafting Rules and Artisan's Tools

    Question: the warforged in my party wishes to make a weapon +1: 500 GP. It appears there is no formulas so he needs 250 GP of raw materials and 125 GP of special metal. It says he needs a fine weapon so that would be 25 GP. So does the 250 GP cover this or should the player pay 400 GP? TT364
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    Level Up (A5E) Choose a page: Adventurer's Guide

    Man… the KS is sooo close to a million. Insane!
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    Level Up (A5E) Level Up's Downtime activities

    Wait… so if my gamers tossed in more coin… we could have the Adventures Guide and other books… before the month Kickstarter is over??? Ah, you mean after the kickstarter… so even though I backed it… I have to wait until the first week of November.
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    Level Up (A5E) Level Up's Downtime activities

    Backing the kickstarter does not give access to the rules… right? Or did I miss something when I back it???!
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    Blog (A5E) Starting Gear

    I am excited since it looks like silver weapons are double price! So a silver dagger is not 100 GP. Though I am wondering if only fine weapons can be silvered and they appear to be 25 GP… so in theory a silver fine dagger would be 50 GP.
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    Level Up (A5E) Level Up's Downtime activities

    So are buying magic items up to the DM. Meaning: adventurers go to the weapon shop and the DM tells them what is there and how much. O5e has the downtime rules for buy items… what is LevelUp’s idea?
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    Blog (A5E) Armor & Materials

    Bone armor (brittle) destroyed on a crit… padded (weakness) is broken on a crit.
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    Blog (A5E) Armor & Materials

    Maybe it has something to do with crits… I am looking back through the creature posts… The Ruthless ability that black dragons have is sick… “Jimmy, your dwarf bard takes a critical and you lose one of your pinkies” / Jimmy: “Glad he is out of attacks” / “No the dragon is Ruthless and since it...