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    Chainmail GREYHAWK FANS-The Battle of Emridy Meadows

    I think I recognize some of those minis.... if I'm not mistaken, there are some really old Heritage gnomes and hill giant, some RP gnollls.... some of the men at arms with kite shields look familiar, but I'm not placing who made them...
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    Where do you design your adventures?

    nice. Wouldn't have worked for the last group I was in.... had me DMing for 7 players... 2 married couples and 3 singles. Luckily, the married couples both lived in the on campus housing, and they had fair sized living rooms with enough chairs for everyone (once we all pitched in on some...
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    Where do you design your adventures?

    the last time I was an active DM... I used to design them at the kitchen table. Because I was living in a pretty small and cramped trailer, and it was the only space big enough to spread out my books and papers...
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    Companies Cut Ties With Judges Guild After Owner's Racist Posts

    as an aside from the current controversy... I have to admit, I was surprised to hear that JG was still around... I thought they'd disappeared years ago...
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    On Magic Users and Darts: What's Up With That?

    sometimes. I found that if the mage actually hurt one of the enemies, that enemy would go out of it's way to attack him/her, ignoring the warriors pounding on him with swords, even if that enemy had to go around the rest of the party to get to him/her. It wasn't a problem in smaller/tighter...
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    5E How do you use cities in your campaigns?

    hardly ever used city based adventures.... usually had the town/city as the place to heal up and sell/buy stuff. All the dungeons and wilderness adventures were way out in the boonies....
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    5E Anna Meyer has just Put out her Latest Greyhawk Map Update

    I think some of them are from "The Scarlet Brotherhood"....
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    On Magic Users and Darts: What's Up With That?

    I can only remember running one MU who wasn't multi-classed... he survived up to 16th level or so. When he started out, I had him take dart as his weapon proficiency, but also carry a dagger 'just in case'... even if he had huge penalties using it, at least there was always a chance. Luckily...
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    5E Anna Meyer has just Put out her Latest Greyhawk Map Update

    wow, that is one incredible map. And... while looking around on it, I noticed that Ghazal, a fortress I created for a Dungeon magazine adventure back in 2E days, is right there in the Bright Desert. I'm guessing that a lot of the named stuff on there that I didn't recognize come from other...
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    Why so few magic polearms in the DMG?

    I once ran an adventure where all the NPC enemy fighters carried those weird polearms from UA that no one ever uses.... fauchard forks, glaives, etc. I gave the BBEG a powerful magic/intelligent Glaive Guisarme. The PCs ended up selling it. All true, but... the PCs aren't soldiers in an army...
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    5E [POLL] Best non-combat cantrips

    D&D needs to have one of the cantrips from KODT: weak bladder. Imagine the fun you could have with that...
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    5E Greyhawk, and race options for Oerth PCs

    and weirdly enough, primitive jungle tribesmen. And Vikings.
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    5E Greyhawk, and race options for Oerth PCs

    well, some of the Suel are kinda like that.... :)
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    Am I no longer WoTC's target audience?

    bah. Peasants, just like modern men with modern tools, will have three pitchforks. One for the house, one for the garage (okay, barn), and one in case you break one...
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    5E Greyhawk, and race options for Oerth PCs

    I wanted this all through the 1E/2E days, and the closest we got was "The Scarlet Brotherhood" supplement right near the end of 2E, which showed us all of Hepmonaland. Lacking any official products, I detailed several other places on my own. When Oriental Adventures and the modules for it came...