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Recent content by Dr. Bull

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    Domains of Delight: An In-Depth Review

    Many of you will recall this process from past publications. In Eberron, WOTC published the "Wayfinder's Guide" and then playtested it for a while. Then they released "Shadows of the Last War" as a big hardback book (while simultaneously republishing and updated Wayfinder's Guide). The final...
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    Interview with Jeremy Childrey about Cocaine and Alligators

    No, it's not you. I read the whole article wondering what the game was about. I still know very little. : )
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    D&D General WizKids Emerald Dragon Miniature

    um. yeah. they did. I have 2 different versions from WOTC, but they were only large, not huge.
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    My First Game: Top Secret/SI

    If you like simple systems, you might want to try Morrus' game "Simply6". The rules get out of the way of the story...
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    My First Game: Top Secret/SI

    In my opinion, Savage Worlds is the best system for simulating pulp action and adventure.
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    D&D General Stranger Things Image of a D&D Game

    Back in about 1982, my local hobby store had a large table with a 1" grid in the back of the store. The store owner made it for war gaming, but we used it for D&D (they had a huge collection of terrain, so we never used pens on the grid). The best memory I have was of the entire table turned...
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    Rules FAQ How Do Opportunity Attacks Work In D&D 5E?

    Honestly? I appreciate that Cassandra MacDonald has an excellent understanding of the rules. Thank you for providing me with this insight... I need to reconsider how I have interpreted the rules. - Dr. Bull
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    D&D 5E 5-Part Forgotten Realms Adventure Coming Next Week

    Behirborn sound awesome. There is competition, however... The Half-Dracolich has been reserved by power-gamers, min-maxers, and munchkins. They called "dibs" a few years ago.
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    D&D 5E 5-Part Forgotten Realms Adventure Coming Next Week

    I just looked that up. Essentials covers up to level 6.
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    D&D 5E 5-Part Forgotten Realms Adventure Coming Next Week

    Yup. Goodman Games has been creating great content in recent years. I also like that they produce classic softcover modules in addition to epic hardcovers.
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    D&D 5E 5-Part Forgotten Realms Adventure Coming Next Week

    I am guessing that it might be a revision/adaptation of the classic AD&D "D" series (Descent into the Depths of the Earth). It would be a great addition to the other 5e adaptations. It also follows the previous publication of "Against the Giants" found in "Tales from the Yawning Portal"...
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    Morrus: I can't wait to support this... I've supported previous Kickstarters (like Savage Worlds), should I sign in with my Kickstarter username/password or should I use my ENWorld username/password? So far, I can't log in...
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    Awfully Cheerful Engine Set Blazers for Stun!

    Morrus: Super excited! Very fun concept. This (along with the forward by Sandy Petersen) have clinched my support. I have been searching the internet for the basic rules of ACE, but the playtest document has been scrubbed from all the legitimate sources. I am looking forward to supporting...