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Recent content by drnate29

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    Looking For A Game In The Fredericksburg, VA Area

    Long-time RPG'er, 46 years old, new to the Fredericksburg area looking for a gaming group to join. Willing to travel for a good game but hoping to find something close by. I've primarily played Pathfinder recently, some 5e too. My roots are in the OSR-style games like 1e/2e and Star Frontiers...
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    Kickstarter Too many Kickstarter projects? Is Kickstarter the new d20 glut?

    I suspect we'll continue to see a lot of KS projects. I think in particular the success of RA and Traveller really made some jaws drop. I personally have no issue with whomever posting a project, I think a little caveat emptor will kick in and folks will be leery of whom they support. My main...