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    Weird: The Al Yankovic Story - Official Teaser Trailer (2022) Daniel Radcliffe

    Weird Al for the Super Bowl Halftime Show !
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    New Bill to Limit Copyright to 56 Years, Would be Retroactive

    The "retroactive" part has Constitutional problems - "no ex post facto law" - but the concept is sound. It still has to go through (at least in theory) the committee process for legislation and persuade 51 Senators this is a good idea. Plenty of opportunity to polish the rough edges ... or...
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    Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    Woo-oo-oot !!!
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    5.5E Elf as a class

    If I wanted to introduce grade-school-aged new players to D&D, pregen characters with race=class and names familiar from pop culture would help them get the 'feel' of what their character can do, quickly. The idea is ... well, Basic (pardon the pun) ... so it best fits when you want to remove...
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    Do you have a favourite dinosaur?

    Brontosaurus. (Yes I do remember before they found out the wrong head was attached and it was really an Apatosaurus after all.)
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    D&D 5E Mines of Phandelver - Need Help With a BBEG Brainstorm

    SSSHHHHHHHHHH !! The argue brigade will hear you and swarm the thread !
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    D&D and the rising pandemic

    Update on a side-thread: I have been paying student loans even though they were in forebearance, wanting to take advantage of 0% interest so my money efficiently takes down principle and I get more "mileage" out of my payments. I got a letter from my student loan lender.* FINISHED !!! *...
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    D&D 5E Mines of Phandelver - Need Help With a BBEG Brainstorm

    The Black Spider as an alternate identity? That can work, but it should originate independently of the PCs' background. Provide them with a mystery to uncover: if the Black Spider is a dwarf, how come he has an elf's lifespan?
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    D&D General What do you think of the dubious Morales of this crime gang I made using tables A Mate made that saves the lives of babies via highly illegal means?

    Several times in quick succession, you have come for advice because you were making rolls on a table, went deep into details - which did not work well together - and the big picture got away from you. I think you should take a step back and ask "What am I trying to accomplish with this...
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    D&D General I am so done with kickstarter

    Ha - I'm finally above average in something ! 😀
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    Does TSR3 Have Nazi Connections?

    I'm not seeing how it is within EnWorld's TOS, either. Which means the staff has to give Morrus some Red Ink for bringing it up?
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    D&D 5E (+) Share Your Custom Warlock Patrons Here!

    My 4e Star'lock's patron existed along the border between astronomy and astrology - not the Far Realm. He could use physical stuff (suck you into Jupiter's Great Red Spot) or bring a constellation to life and apply status conditions (the Dragon frightens you).
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    D&D General Would the 14 year old that was made A Baroness before she was even born be annoyed that her title was actually a bribe to buy her mothers silence?

    The teen has no reason to be annoyed at the title. She does have reason to be annoyed that all the Barons want her to marry their oldest son. And is the King going to try to manipulate her some way or another?
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    D&D General Would The Kings Ex Lover be happy with her daughter, The Kings illegitimate Child, being given The Following Barony in return for her silence?

    The king giving an illegitimate child a big fat rich feudal hold will set the normal nobility off. Nobility is supposed to be exclusive. The mother can expect every dirty trick in the book to come her way, plus brute-force assassination attempts aimed at her and the child. Her survival...
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    5.5E What if you were in charge of reworking classes for 5.5?

    I liked the Druid wildshape from 4e, where you changed your fluff but kept your stats. (I may be weird that way.) At higher levels you can add Fly or Swim or Desert Adaptation or Hold Breath to yourself. When every L3 druid from every corner of the world turns into Grizzly Bear as first...