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  1. EthanSental

    Fizban's Treasury of Dragons Review Round-Up – What the Critics Say

    94 on Amazon’s top 100 book list tonight (11/22) so still selling well. The PHBis 158 still, 7 years after release, that’s some decent longevity.
  2. EthanSental

    D&D General Wizards of the Coast releases pay-for-download PDFs of three classic D&D character sheet products

    Thanks for the heads up….finding decent old physical copies for those still wanting them were getting more difficult to find online. I think I picked a few originals 3-4 years ago when we had a 1e/2e campaign that a DM wanted to run on the side of our 5e campaign.
  3. EthanSental

    D&D General G4's New D&D Show Is Called 'Invitation to Party'

    Wow, threw gatekeeping at me, thanks. Regardless, they are actors, even in a loose term I’d imagine they did high school, college, and other type of gigs that wouldn’t even be covered on IMDB but acting none the less. Social media blurs the line of what some consider actors (Tom cruise or...
  4. EthanSental

    D&D General G4's New D&D Show Is Called 'Invitation to Party'

    I think actors who never played dnd before find playing dnd like an improv class to improve their ability to get into and create a character…if they find out they actually enjoy the game, all the better!
  5. EthanSental

    Review of the Dungeon Master's Screen Dungeon Kit

    Those adventurers walking into the cave on the DM screen are in for a difficult time, 4 hook horrors and a dragon barely 100 ft in means they should have stuck to farming and such back home! I’ve picked up most of the GF 9 and other 5e screens…this may or may not make it into the pile.
  6. EthanSental

    Level Up (A5E) Final Hours to Back Level Up: Advanced 5th Edition!

    947k - awesome! already downloading my PDFs…thanks Russ and team.
  7. EthanSental

    D&D General Lolth Miniature Coming In February 2022

    I keep looking for this one on eBay and other sites but still coming up empty. Great model like most of their resin minis are.
  8. EthanSental

    D&D General Now You Can Buy Gygax & Arneson Miniatures!

    I’m not sure why but quick glances at this mini and Homer Simpson comes to mind…
  9. EthanSental

    D&D 5E Monte Cook Games' PLANEBREAKER Kickstarter Launches

    I’m willing to bet this will be a great project with my only drawback being the Aug 2022 delivery date for even the pdf version….Enworlds delivery right after the Kickstarter ends has me spoiled!
  10. EthanSental

    D&D General How Long Did You Play the Different Editions of D&D? (+)

    B/X and 1e 1986 to 1990 2e - 1990 to 2001, didn’t want to switch to 3e initially but did 3e -2001 to 2009 Pathfinder - 2009 to 2015 5e 2015 to current.
  11. EthanSental

    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Kobold Press, Exalted Funeral, and More

    Side note - Anti Wesley’s avatar is the rage filled Red Lanterns I think…that series was one of my favorite titles coming from Geoff Johns GL run, plus Guy Gardner was a RL for a bit. I kid just bit since he mentioned he was bitter AND is a red lantern, it’s literally in his blood, it is his...
  12. EthanSental

    RPG Print News – Cubicle 7, Kobold Press, Exalted Funeral, and More

    Yeah, it wasn’t quoted correctly for some reason,,,safe and aesthetic space for rolling dice….come on all, we can do better and not get fired up about every trivial thing.
  13. EthanSental

    Level Up (A5E) It's Here! It's Time To LEVEL UP Your 5E Game!

    16 days to go and it’s at $530,583 usd. PDFs sent as soon as it’s over…still a huge selling point for me as that’s rare for large kickstarters and this is 3 books!
  14. EthanSental

    D&D 5E WotC Announces New Critical Role Hardcover Adventure

    I don’t have the links handy other than this screen shot below.