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    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    hehe, I was there and I still want to read what happened next, so imagine how everyone else feels. Please sir! May we have another update?
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    We were like gods once... BIG UPDATE Friday Nov 5! three is not where this belongs. BUMP! Come on ledded we want more!
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    We were like gods once... BIG UPDATE Friday Nov 5!

    Well, now that you mention it, I agree with you. I had never really given too much thought to an actor who would best portray John, but Mathew McConaughey would be a good fit, especially the look he had in Reign of Fire, just with a bit more hair.
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    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    Doh, all that above was really from me. Poor fludogg only has net access at work and his web nazis, er, I mean network administrators, have a filter in place that blocks enworld, so he has me log in an subscribe to threads for him. Oh well, just wanted to clarify the post, as I am fairly certain...
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    (10/07) A Dark and Restless Tide - (A D20 Dark*Matter Story Hour)

    Heh, yeah, make him stick to it as bugging him each week does not seem to be working. Yeah, we do that to OldDrewId often as well. Then again, I think we did that even when we were playing D&D. Something about having multiple people who appear to suffer from attention deficite dissorders seems...
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    Tears in Hell (UPDATED OCTOBER 11th)

    *Sticks his head in to watch the opening scene* "Oh, this looks interesting. Think I will stick around for awhile. Now, where is ledded with that bottle? He is usually around for shows like this..." Good stuff man. I am looking forward to seeing how it goes.
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    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    Happily posting Great to see everyone is still wanting to follow our little rag tag band. I am healing faster than I thought, so was able to get back to the game last week, though I am still forbidden to use my leg. Anyway, we will play on and keep bugging Drew to post an update. In the mean...
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    Blood & Vigilance Question

    Yes, I must say it was fun playing with those powers. However, it did bring up a question that I think ledded handled well. Here is the basics: Using the mimic power (and a uniform my character packed for just such an occasion) my character took on the appearance of a nazu Lt. Well, while...
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    Project Genesys

    from the depths of page four comes a loud BUMP
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    Dead Man's Chest -- Spooky Pirate Fun -- COMPLETE! Nov 3/06

    Wonderful! Just wonderful. You have me hooked on this, your latest story hour as much as your other ones. Good job!
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    Project Genesys

    BUMP back to page one.....
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    (10/07) A Dark and Restless Tide - (A D20 Dark*Matter Story Hour)

    hmmm...Nanotech controlled zombie fritters anyone? Great story so far, Heap, looking forward to more.
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    Medallions d20 Modern (Update Wednesday 09-20-06)

    Nah, it was only every other week, during a full moon, when I became perplexed at how a level 10 fighter/blender was attacking at something approaching a +20 Then again, I do much the same thing now, just now it is in trying to figure out why Joe is doing something.
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    (10/07) A Dark and Restless Tide - (A D20 Dark*Matter Story Hour)

    <rushes in to find a seat as the show starts>Yay! This promisies to be good :D
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    [Spaceship Zero] Q-Ship (actually updated 19 May 2007)

    Nooooo.....not a cliffhanger! I am already hooked, give me more ;) Thanks, Capellan. Keep up the good work.