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Recent content by fba827

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    Superman & Lois

    As an aside, it was hitting some similar story beats that Black Lightning (another show by same production team ) did.... the father who is trying to be a good father and his kids didn’t know his dual identity and the kids start developing powers. Though I’m finding this writing a bit more...
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    Superman & Lois

    I was hesitating because the tone on the dc universe tv shows have been very hit or miss with me, but I enjoyed the premier episode and will watch a couple more before deciding if I’ll add it in to my tv rotation ;)
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    Resident Alien ( Alan Tudyk, syfy channel)

    Hadnt seen any discussion on the new show but figure it doesn’t have a lot of buzz in general so thought I’d toss this out there in case others are watching it. (premise for those not familiar, Alan tudyk (best known as Wash from Firefly) plays an alien that crash landed near a small town in...
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    Save The Day With The Sentinel Comics RPG

    You might want to double check the spelling on the author teams’ name ( one of them looks like autocorrect changed what you meant to type ). One of them ( if not more) has an enworld account and might notice :) anyway, am a fan of the card game and looking forward to this too.
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    D&D 4E Something in the "MoonStalker" Paragon Path that doesn't quite make sense?

    In 4e when you shape change it is effectively just a cosmetic change and the only stats that change are those specifically called out, in this case speed and shifting 1 for free. So you might look like a wolf or tiger but you’re using your regular stats otherwise
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    D&D 5E End of Campaign Encounter (help!)

    Encounter in broad strokes: at the entrance/path: mooks (a lot) - this is the main hide out, of course the big bad has lots of its mooks At the main encounter: Some mooks (just a couple that aren’t equipped for fighting as they were being helpers to what the big bad was doing - but there...
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    D&D 5E How do you make sewer dungeons believable?

    Look at it as an excuse to tell a story as to why the village has one. possible explanations for small village sewers (1) long ago a gnome wizard actually stated in the village for ten years while recording laboratory experiments on local flora. He noticed the village had a terrible flooding...
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    D&D General Do you allow "crossplaying" at your table? Has it ever caused problems?

    This is odd to answer because I’m not in the ‘it doesn’t matter to me’ camp nor am I in the ‘it matters to me’ camp. I genuinely don’t actually even think about it or consider it as something that I need to consider. Now thinking back, sure it happens in groups I’ve played with. I don’t even...
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    D&D 5E How to have a constructive conversation with players?

    If ‘wanting to finish the adventure’ is your primary reason for playing it, then that in itself speaks volumes that something needs to change. You don’t sound inspired or engaged. As you said you are just going through the motions. Some options (1) Just stop if you’re not inspired or...
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    D&D 5E Choosing my first ever character... Help, please.

    my opinion echos others .... Go with option 2 option 1 has the potential to just cause party problems given that personality as described here. Of course maybe that’s how your group will go but in a vacuum of other information on your group’s history, this just seems like it will get you...
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    D&D 5E Potion of Climbing, Do you Need to Use Your Hands?

    Kind of depends really how your DM wants to do it. assuming that’s you? but my personal opinion ( if I’m remembering potion of climbing correctly) just gives you a climb speed and a bonus to climb. That second part is the key for me.... if you’re getting a bonus to climb then you still need...
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    D&D General Need help formulating a new campaign

    Side effects make for side quests before investigating the cause ( or maybe in tandem) dealing with things around the town that are caused by shortage of able bodied persons. start of campaign: only a couple people have been getting weak, not enough for anyone to really take notice and assume...
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    Star Trek [+] Star Trek Discovery (Fan) Thread

    Slight tangent... but broadcast tv cbs has shown the first couple episodes of season 1 discovery from 2+(?) years ago.
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    The Boys season two (spoilers)

    For the seven, there are now only five (that includes black noire). So space for two new next season. one of those two slots is possibly going to be taken by (spoiler) (the character announced to be played by a certain actor announced for next season, whose character name sounds very much like...
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    OotS 1216

    I don’t know why, but I hear Bender’s (from futurama) voice in my head whenever I read skull-head’s word bubbles.