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    Scales of War finale!

    Oh, I think there's a lot of worth within Scales of War. It's a pity that it chose to lead with the weakest and blandest adventure of the whole lot. Siege of Bordrin's Watch is a good adventure all on its own, with a example of how to mix a fairly linear series of encounters with a sandbox...
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    Tiamat, 4e, and (Lawful) Evil

    I'm afraid I can't agree that there's a conflict between bullying, greed and the 3e Lawful Evil descriptors. After all, who in the Great Wheel represent Lawful Evil? Devils. And I definitely see devils as being fully bullying and greedy. Heck, Mammon the Lord of Greed himself is a LE...
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    Details from the WotC 2010 Spring catalog

    Are they retooling the appearance of dragonborn? The two on the cover of their book don't have the same look as those from the PH and MM, to my eyes at least. More like classic lizardmen and less like dinosaur-men.
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    Throne of the Stone-Skinned King

    Yes, I like the looks of this installment. Each of the last three chapters has been a nice mix of combat, exploration, role-playing and skill challenges, IMO. I also like that the title page illustration shows the treat up front, but the real villain only in silhouette. I think my party will...
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    Scales of War: Fist of Mourning...

    I believe that is correct. I've read all of the adventures to date (with the exception of yesterday's) and I can't see any problem with completely skipping Fist of Mourning.
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    Order of the Stick #651

    I read the new comic, but I can't seem to pull up V's confrontation with the dragon, when it used Anti-Magic Shell. Did Epic V Disjunct it away? Since both Xykon and Red Cloak can presumably cast it, that would be the most obvious method to disable V, if they have either more Anti-Magic Shells...
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    MM2 Preview Starspawn

    Some appear to be. In the background on the star pact for warlocks, it appears that at least some stars have some kind of sentience, although the ones seen described vaguely so far appear to be alien and frequently sinister. I don't believe I've seen anything that indicates that all stars are...
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    Dungeon 163: Beyond the Mottled Tower

    Thanks, Yergi! I just downloaded the latest installment and it does look like a great installment to the AP. At 83 pages, it's going to take me a while to digest it, though. Spoilers below:
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    Too much combat: problems with Pyramid of Shadows

    I've whined about this in the past, but in the H modules I think there's far too much use of terrain and special effects that hinder PCs (especially when the opponents are unaffected by them). I would welcome more terrain and objects in the encounters that the PCs can exploit to speed combat along.
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    3.5 high level woes and Paizo's hand in it.

    I will note that complaints on the difficulty of the major encounters in the Paizo Adventure Paths (particularly in Shackled City) were not confined completely to the high level adventures. I recall many people noting that a number of the encounters in Life's Bazaar, Zenith Trajectory or Three...
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    What Alignment is Rorschach?

    Is there any benefit to undertaking the assignment of alignment? It seems to me that once you've explored a character's motivations and actions to the point where you can assign an alignment tag to that character, you already have a far more understanding and grasp of that character that can...
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    Why the World Exists

    Inherently? No, I don't see that at all. I can see how you, as a particular player, may have needs and desires that are in conflict with wish lists. In which case, I recommend you do not participate. I think there are other players who have different needs and desires. I do not see that...
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    Why the World Exists

    I don't think any of this issue has much to do with the quality or quantity of roleplaying around the table. You can justify requesting magic item lists from players from both a gamist and roleplaying perspective. You can also condemn requesting magic item lists from both a gamist and...
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    Why the World Exists

    Wish lists were specifically mentioned on page 125 of the 4e DMG. It should be noted that they are not proscribed as the necessary way of doing things, they are recommended as an easy and straightforward way of finding out the kind of magic items a player is interested in. I've read WotC...
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    Does anyone else feel like every combat in 4e is a meatgrinder?

    I do agree that the encounters in both Thunderspire Labyrinth and Pyramid of Shadow tend to have too much in the way of environmental hazards that can only be exploited by the enemies. I hope that all module authors and would-be authors remember that when designing encounters and terrain, you...