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    Frankthedm's miniature thread: 2014/04/17 Formless Spawn of Tsathoggua

    Been laying kinda low of recent, though I might stop in once in a while to finish a mini.
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    A miniature with heavy flail?

    And if you want the flail to look like it was made of rope, take some wire and twist them together using clamps, vice, etc. How many wires you start with depends on the thickness you are seeking.
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    A miniature with heavy flail?

    If you can use a pin vice {tiny drill] and superglue, you can give a flail to any mini you want. Miniature's hand Weapon Head Drill Bit Wire bent into loop Necklace chain Superglue or Epoxie You can also make the weapon look as in mid swing by holding the mini so the chain hangs in the...
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    3.5 Enlarge Familiar

    So you want to make the target on your XP total larger? 100xp per character level might not be devastating, but still it will hurt.
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    5E ALL ABOARD!!! Should rules for climbing big opponents be a part of the Core rules of D&D Next?

    When the big creatures join the combat, how often have you been disappointed by the lack of rules for climbing the beast for a bonus, a distraction or to just look cool? The closest thing for this are often grapple rules, but generally those are for overpowering the target and rarely or flat...
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    How do you use a butter knife?

    Butter / margarine on a hot cheese sandwich, but not much else. It might sneak in there when i'm building a multi decker Shaggy Sandwich though.
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    Burning history to get people to understand Priceless is not price-less.

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    5E What about warlocks and sorcerers?

    Quite likely. WotC has been doing that since they got a hold of D&D. Shame too, since when they withheld Monkey Grip from the 3.0 PHB, that also cut the Iconic half Orc Paladin.
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    Glue-spitting velvet worms

    Yeah, giant worm that spits corrosive glue was the way Chaosium took the Dhole worm.
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    Google admits to reading your emails, claims you should expect it. Since when did paranoid nutjob become the expected level of distrust? I think my tinfoil hat needs a few more layers...
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    So is ENworld Paying for "RPG Spotlight" Prizes or are the game companies providing them?

    So is ENworld Paying for "RPG Spotlight" Prizes or are the game companies providing them?
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    3.5 Slimes, Burburs and Digesters article at

    I remember back when 3E was gestating and it was mentioned a few of the new critters were evolution of older critters, like the darkmantle, but I never made the connection where the Digester came from. This guy did. 1996 burbur art even looks like the...
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    [Trailer] The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

    But he is worth big box office bucks so we are also getting Will Turner as a resident of Laketown too! Overstuffed with CASH! PJ's probably got a good contract so whatever profits the studio profits him. For the money! Hobbit is a big name everybody knows, "The Necromaner of Made-up Namesville"...
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    Miniatures My Bones are Here! (212 reaper minis)

    If you have your bones already, you missed getting this monster for $10.
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    Miniatures My Bones are Here! (212 reaper minis)

    I'm a Bargain Hunter, specialized in bottom feeding and Loss Leaders. Based on concept art scale, I expected those two to have the highest Kickstarter to Retail price jump. What I didn't expect was the sculptors to turn Kaladrax in a bit larger than concept seemed to indicate. That pushed his...