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    Breaking out of the "paladin trap."

    Well, you could have the paladin discover that his church has engaged in some practice or event that he/she finds abominable yet doesn't break the bond to their god or otherwise have the paladin set at odds with his or her church. Something like Martin Luther where the paladin disagrees with a...
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    Help making a choice: Oracle vs Barbarian for 4th level

    For a friend's homebrew game, I have a Level 2 Lore Oracle of Odin/Level 1 Barbarian. Stats are: STR: 17 Dex: 18 Con:16 Int: 14 Wis: 12 Cha: 20 (everyone has very high stats due to the way that group rolls characters) I took side step secret for the level 1 revelation, meaning I have a...
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    PF2E My Biggest Concern for Pathfinder 2e

    Maybe a contingent teleport spell if you drop to zero hp that dumps you at the local temple. But it would still take up a spell slot and mean that the party couldn't heal you and get you back into the fight.
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    Mad at Paizo?

    Some people base too much of their identity upon their interests: sports, cars, rpgs, guns, hunting, running, biking, tv shows, movies etc and freak out when they think someone is enjoying it in the wrong way. Other times (with nerds especially sadly) so much of their identity is based upon the...
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    Mad at Paizo?

    Why would I be threatened by more people playing? My enjoyment isn't hurt by more people with different perspectives enjoying themselves.
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    Breaking out of the "paladin trap."

    Have the exact method of that bond be uncertain. A black and white moral code in a grey world for instance.
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    Mad at Paizo?

    Not sure what exact podcast/stream you mean but probably Glass Cannon? Of the two, I prefer GC a lot more. I've listened to some episodes of Critical role and it just never clicked with me at all, not really a systems issue or acting issue either just a 'Meh, i've given it two episodes and its...