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  1. GeorgeFields

    HackMaster players wanted

    I'm looking to start a new RPG group to meet one Saturday / month for a 6-8 hour session of the new HackMaster system. I am in Sandoval, IL 62882 and will provide a place to meet & play. If you're interested, email me at George.Fields (AT) gmx (DOT) com
  2. GeorgeFields

    AHM Hacklopedia of Beasts pictures

    Pictures of the Hacklopedia of Beasts have been posted on the Kenzer forums.
  3. GeorgeFields

    None So Vile series

    I've been looking at Blackdirge's "None So Vile" series on RPGNow. They're about $4 each, $12 to buy the bundle; but they're only about 14 pages each. The only reviews they have are Staff reviews. So, I was wondering... For those of you that have them, do you think they are worth getting?
  4. GeorgeFields

    D&D 4E Rate your interest in 4e.

    I voted 0 but should have voted 1. I might buy the Manual of the Planes. I'll look at it first.
  5. GeorgeFields

    D&D 4E From the 4e MM preview: Astraljamming?!

    If the Manual of the Planes would combine the Planescape and Spelljammer as we've been discussing here, I'd have to have one 4e book on my shelf to house rule into my games. I, for one, have never really "liked" the big wheel, but I had always accepted it as canon. By the time I started making...
  6. GeorgeFields

    D&D 4E Monte Cook on licensing (and 4E in general?)

    Have you seen his Book of Experimental Might? While 'flipping' through it, I kept thinking to myself, "Is this a 3.5 version of 4e?"
  7. GeorgeFields

    D&D 4E Not going to 4e

    3.5 is my last bastion for the D&D brand.
  8. GeorgeFields

    D&D 4E Does anyone agree with me about 4E?

    But...but... I liked that movie.
  9. GeorgeFields

    D&D 4E What has you excited about 4e?

    Have you not played the "Master of the Desert Nomads (X4,X5,X10) series? or the Bloodstone (H1-4) series? AMEN The stuff they've posted about 4e has been about a 50/50 hit/miss with me. On the plus side: I like the new cosmology. I never really liked the Great Wheel but accepted it as I...
  10. GeorgeFields

    D&D 4E Hey everyone! If you're tired of 4e threads cluttering the forum...

    How many of that original design team are still there?
  11. GeorgeFields

    D&D 4E Hey everyone! If you're tired of 4e threads cluttering the forum...

    Are we supposed to complain about 4e, 4e threads, the fact they clutter the forum, or that you just deleted one? 4e makes no difference to me.
  12. GeorgeFields

    D&D 3E/3.5 Help me Build a D&D3.5 Library!

    Download the SRD. It's all you'll ever need.