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    Level Up (A5E) Rogue/Investigator ability - Track Recognition

    I'm a little confused by the 9th lvl Rogue/Investigator ability, Track Recognition. Maybe how it's phrased is just not clicking with me. What exactly is the ability supposed to do? The ability states, "Starting at 9th level, when you examine a creature’s trail (footprints or similar signs)...
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    D&D General Need wheat. Too dangerous. (worldbuilding)

    I like to think about the economics of a fantasy world when doing the worldbuilding. And honestly, I can say that my players could care less... But I still have fun with it and dammit, the DM gets to have fun too! Anyway, if you like to think about agriculture in a fantasy/medieval realm, I...
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    D&D 5E Artificer Alchemist / Warlock = Tons of Elixirs?

    Generally speaking, burning your slots on elixirs and refreshing/reburning them with warlock slots is fine You can probably get away with doing a single 'short rest' at the beginning of the adventuring day if you're starting at an inn or in town, but you might not be able to do so if you're...
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    [Player Help] Lizardfolk: Interesting builds and class ideas are welcome and encourage.

    Lizardfolk necromancer! Raise skeletons and equip them with crafted remains of your enemies!
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    D&D 5E Encounters for 4 10th level characters using CR1s

    Sorry my point wasn't clear. I'm talking about adding levels to a creature BELOW Cr 1 so that you raise them up to Cr1. Like you take a regular goblin (Cr 1/4) and add some class levels to beef them up to Cr 1. How much to beef up? Well, you have a Goblin boss at Cr1 to use as a guideline...
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    D&D 5E What is the best class for a single class only campaign?

    My preference would be for a 'themed' party instead of a party of all one class. Like everyone needs to be an arcane caster of some sort, or a divine caster, or be proficient in thieves tools, etc. It makes for a way more interesting and balanced party. Eldritch Knight, Arcane Trickster...
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    D&D 5E Encounters for 4 10th level characters using CR1s

    Per the DMG a CR 1 creature can have up to 85 hp, and if you want to get creative, you could really tweak some strange critters within the DMG guidelines that would be a threat and could grind up some resources. Also, you can add class levels to a weak monster that would bump them up and can...
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    D&D General Campaign Plotting Help

    For my game, I create a dummy email account and sent the players marketing messages from the MMO company and dev team. :)
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    D&D 5E PC races that a DM has specifically excluded from their campaign and why

    I really want to run a campaign that is just Human only for the players. Plenty of other races for the player to encounter, but they can only be humans. I think its kind of weird to assume that 5 wildly different and weird races would all go adventuring together and waltz into every human town...
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    D&D General Campaign Plotting Help

    Hey Lackofname- I have virtually the same premise for the game I'm running! So far its been a lot of fun and my players are having a blast. First off, decide (maybe with the players input) if they are also going to want to play their characters outside of the game, in their 'real world' in...
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    The impossibility of Point of Light settings

    Goodman games put out a couple of good sourcebooks called Points of Light and Points of Light 2: The Sunrise Sea. They were basically hexcrawl settings. The rpg Forbidden Lands by Free League games is similarly a points of light hexcrawl. I've found all of these great inspiration for Points...
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    D&D 5E How weak is Athlete Feat?

    Whether or not walls or other surfaces were climbable has always seemed to me to be pretty open ended in this edition, just costing more movement (essentially difficult terrain). The feat struck me as something most useful to a character with lots of movement like a monk or rogue. The use of...
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    D&D General D&D game world economy, wages and modelling the ancent world

    For those of you interested in why the number of sheep one has = power, just know that all large flocks sheep are owned by powerful wizards! Read the blog by Multiplexer for the (humorously logical) reason why https://critical-hits.com/blog/2017/02/22/the-wizards-and-the-sheep/
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    D&D General D&D game world economy, wages and modelling the ancent world

    First a recommendation, when thinking about my game world economy I found 'Grain into Gold' to be helpful. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/13113/Grain-Into-Gold?term=grain+int While not perfect, it has some good ideas and a long list of standard items priced out using the author's method...
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    Average of exploding dice?

    Thanks all, I knew it would be simple. If anyone else is interested, there is a site ( https://anydice.com/ ) that will help calculate probabilities for you on large pools and shows the resulting bell curve.