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    5E What Is Your "Must-Have" House-Rule (If Any)?

    I've said this before but I love this. I'll go so far as to state this is the single best idea (and it's so simple!) to encourage players delving into their characters I've seen for 5e. No one knows your character better than you. I particularly love one variant you proposed where the players...
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    5E What Is Your "Must-Have" House-Rule (If Any)?

    I also implemented 10 minute Turns so that everyone does things in one block. I explained to new players that Old School D&D did that and it works well from a book keeping stand point. Plus, everyone stays engaged as no one is doing nothing while others are doing something. I also eliminated...
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    General Rank these starting adventures

    I've actually run all of these except Sunless Citadel. All are fun. Far and away the best was Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Second place would be Against the Cult of the Reptile God. These are also the two best named adventures on the list. I'm so glad I got original copies off of ebay back in...
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    General Tying unrelated adventures into one campaign

    Players generally assume you have way more back story than you are giving out. So you can keep the "plot" simple like the other posters have mentioned. I mean, there are many TV shows that have no idea where they are going, either. Keep things simple enough you can change things and add new...
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    Level Up (A5E) End the 5 minute work-day by making all classes work off short rests.

    I ditched short rests and converted everything to long rests. And made long rests a week... but PCs got a little of their abilities back each day. In practice, this meant PCs could do one part of an adventure using a week's worth of abilities and then transition to another adventure or a...
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    5E Bad Wrong Fun

    Two that I include in my Session Zero: Griefing, which many have touched on. If it's something solely between and among players, such as PvP or pranking, then all parties have to be on board with it. Otherwise the target can just say, "no". If all parties agree then they get to make the rules...
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    5E WotC Dungeons & Dragons 2020 Product Survey

    I'll admit I wrote in Mystara for my campaign as it's actually what I use. Has the benefit of being new to basically every player so I can add or subtract anything and it's all good. Lots and lots and lots of DM questions, which is good as that's all I do so I felt useful. EDIT: I also...
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    WotC Older D&D Books on DMs Guild Now Have A Disclaimer

    Nothing. Nothing can be drawn. McDonald's didn't make one person's coffee hot, it was company police to make everyone's coffee hot. If I'm always racist, does it make me not racist if only one person complains?
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    5E Is the Poison Spray Cantrip any good?

    I could see taking it if I were an Arcane Trickster or Eldritch Knight where being in melee isn't the worst place to be. The low range is really crippling, though.
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    OD&D DMs Guild Treasures: 5 BECMI Modules That Deserve the Big Book Treatment

    I've played B7, B10, X2, X4, and X5 in 5e. I ALMOST got a campaign to X10 but it fell apart. B7 was okay but not great. B10 was outstanding and easily the most fun module I've ever run. X2 was a surprising success, especially after you tell them the module is a bit silly and just to go with it...
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    5E 5 Years in: Concentration

    I play by the rules largely because no change I've thought of satisfied me enough to institute it at my table. The biggest issue isn't the existence of the Concentration save it's that some concentration spells are weaker than others and would get cast less often or the caster is likely to take...
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    TSR James M Ward: Meeting Gary Gygax and Learning D&D

    If you aren't confused and terrified on your first time playing D&D, something went wrong. As we can see here, everything went right for your first time playing.
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    General I Do Declare! Do you? (POLL)

    In 5e I've only ever had action declaration on your turn. I do, however, now require players to promptly declare and expeditiously resolve their actions. Combat turns take 15-30 seconds to resolve now and I'm happy.
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    1E Just realised I own more D&D 5E hardcovers than I do D&D 1E

    I'm jealous of your mint Rules Cyclopedia.
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    Critical Role Critical Role's Kickstarter Breaks $1,000,000 In About An Hour!

    MST3K raised a little more than Veronica Marsh ($5.76M to $5.70M) and about $600,000 outside Kickstarter. So far that's the most any video/tv/movie Kickstarter has raised. I think MST3K did about $2 million its first day. EDIT: Am I reading the Kickstarter correctly? Backing it doesn't...