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    What's a word that means "NPC or Monster"

    Good guys are White Hats and Bad guys are Black Hats
  2. Hand of Evil

    Tavern name riddle help

    I would look up riddles or sea shanties and pull the name from there. Look at the following, you can get locations from it; Cape Horn, Red Roses, Chasing Whales, Bullies and My Old Mother just to point out a few. My clothes are all in pawn Go down you blood red roses, go down And it’s mighty...
  3. Hand of Evil

    What's a word that means "NPC or Monster"

    Meat Suits Central Casts Seconds Antagonist Adversary
  4. Hand of Evil

    What do YOU think makes a "good" adventure?

    Investment of the players into the adventure. If the players get into the game that makes it one. Players have to like and have fun in the adventure.
  5. Hand of Evil

    Monster Migrations

    Tarrasque ;)
  6. Hand of Evil

    Monster Migrations

    Wish more games/GMs would take this into account. I always "grouped" orcs into one family, babies orcs were goblins born fully developed to live and fend for themselves, after a few years the formed into orcs/hobgoblins and later into bugbears. Bullets are grubs. Dragons migrate and that...
  7. Hand of Evil

    World Building Ideas

    Look to real world places and think how they can be turned to fit into your world. https://www.enworld.org/threads/odd-places-that-make-decent-locations-in-game.660627/
  8. Hand of Evil

    Old timers?

    Still here, mostly lurk now days. Joined back in the Eric Noah days.
  9. Hand of Evil

    Enemy Within: Death on the Reik Sneak Peak

    :( Looks like another re-print - wish Game Companies would produce new material
  10. Hand of Evil

    Surprising the GM, or, Random Content in Dungeons

    yes have used it and have found it creating plot hooks that the keep the players busy and active in the setting.
  11. Hand of Evil

    How do you read your TTRPG books?

    Look at the pictures first :)
  12. Hand of Evil

    Surprising the GM, or, Random Content in Dungeons

    AEG Toolbox - random tables for everything under the sun.
  13. Hand of Evil

    General Art that exemplifies D&D to you.

    Find a lot of art that exemplifies D&D at CGSociety - landscapes mostly but other stuff too. But have to say the art of the computer game Witcher is high on my list.
  14. Hand of Evil

    Central Casting

    You MAY want to check out Kobold Press, think they put out a rogue gallery and other books like that.