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  1. Hawk Diesel

    5E Sentinel for a rogue with a whip, a shortsword and booming blade and sentinel?

    I feel like you would need a few things to make this function in the way I think you are intending. First, you would need warcaster if you wanted to use booming blade as a reaction. You would also need spell sniper to use reach with booming blade. This is because booming blade is explicit in...
  2. Hawk Diesel

    General Question on map/ begining of Curse of Strahd

    As someone who started DM'ing the module before reading I, Strahd (at least 10 sessions worth before I read the book), I really appreciated the insight it provided and how it elucidated the relationship between Strahd, Barovia, and the citizens. I read through the module several times before...
  3. Hawk Diesel

    General Question on map/ begining of Curse of Strahd

    I guess the first question I have is where would they be trying to go and what would be there goal with traveling north or south? Are you thinking that they may try to immediately go to Castle Ravenloft? Because that would actually be an interesting choice and could work really well to set the...
  4. Hawk Diesel

    5E Wall of Force Question; Can it cut through Stone?

    I once played in a game where a dragon was coming full speed at us. One of our party cast wall of force in front of us. Since it was invisible and the dragon was too far to see the casting clearly enough to know what it was, dragon had no idea. It ended up breaking its neck from the impact. Had...
  5. Hawk Diesel

    5E How do you roll, DM?

    90% of the time I roll in front of the players. This way it keeps me honest. I don't want to fudge rolls, because then why even roll? I could just say it happens the way I want it to? But there are times I do secret rolls for stuff going on in the background that the player characters aren't...
  6. Hawk Diesel

    5E What Is Your "Must-Have" House-Rule (If Any)?

    I have sooo many. I've rewritten many of the 5e mechanics. But here are the big ones: 1) ACTION PONTS: Everyone starts each session with a number of action points equal to half your proficiency bonus (rounded up). You can use an action point to reroll a d20, take an extra action, or other...
  7. Hawk Diesel

    5E Removing Ability Score from offense

    Personally, I've stopped having races grant ability score bonuses. I have a primary bonus (+2) tied to class, and the secondary bonus (+1) tied to their background. Each class and background offers two options out of the six possible ability scores to affect, and you can't double up on the same...
  8. Hawk Diesel

    5E DM Theory?

    I'm 35 and started playing (well, studying the rule books since I couldn't find a group) just before 3e came out. Most of my gaming experience came from Play-by-Post and chat games through a now defunct realmsofevil.net. Didn't really find a group until second year of college. It was fun, but I...
  9. Hawk Diesel

    5E Going from 1st to 5th Edition

    So I'm currently running Descent into Avernus. Outside of adapting it for Eberron, I haven't changed much in the way of encounters. Before they party even reached Fernia (my Eberron substitute for Avernus), our party of 6 had three character deaths. If you want 5e to be more deadly, it's not...
  10. Hawk Diesel

    5E Proposed feat: Elemental Master

    I don't see anything wrong with it. The players should be heroes and should feel special within the world (at least that's the type of game I enjoy playing and running). If this makes a player feel special, especially if they are investing resources to specialize in a specific elemental damage...
  11. Hawk Diesel

    5E Ranger Remastered - Warlock options

    I wasn't expecting warlock style invocations. Most times I see use of a Warlock chassis, I'm expecting the Pact Magic. But this is an interesting idea. One thing I might suggest is giving some more magical type talents. While many rangers are more survivalist fighter types, some may dabble in...
  12. Hawk Diesel

    5E Ranger Remastered - Warlock options

    @dnd4vr I'll PM it to you. I don't want to divert the conversation from @ScuroNotte 's version (which I'm still reading over and will provide feedback on).
  13. Hawk Diesel

    5E Ranger Remastered - Warlock options

    I have my own version of the Ranger, and I built their magic system on a Warlock chassis as well. I also made Hunter's Mark a class ability rather than a spell. I really like it personally.
  14. Hawk Diesel

    Level Up (A5E) [+] What features should a "Advanced 5E" have?

    I'd like to see something that encourages more tactical decisions and teamwork. For example, being able to use a reaction to drag an ally out of battle, or a reaction for a sorcerer to expend a spell slot to enhance a fighter's attack. I imagine this would require expansion of the reaction...
  15. Hawk Diesel

    5E Adapting UA: Modern Magic to a Typical 5e Game

    So this was inspired by this video put out by Zee Bashew and his Animated Spellbook series. And this got me to thinking. Is there any way to adapt the material presented in this UA (found here)? This UA has some really cool ideas, both mechanically and thematically. But I don't play many games...