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    Save that ends the effect

    At the end of most abilities that have an additional effect such as on going damage. The current rule is roll a d20, a 10 or better ends the effect at the end of the round. What would be the impact of making this number higher for both the player and the NPCs. Im thinking of making it better...
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    Setting Warhammer fantasy to D&D

    Has anyone that either played or tinkered with WHRPG come up with ideas for level conversion from WHRPG to D&D. I was thinking of using the Warhammer setting to run D&D campaign
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    4E Alingment Impact on 4e

    Question what impact does alingment have in the 4th ed. Prior editions it had effects on classes magic gods and magic items.
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    4E 4e Duergar PC Race (First Cut)

    It looks pretty good I would make the resistance not a feat but standard to all and the same with the slayer ability.
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    4E Ashes of Middenheim Scenario Maptooled for D&D 4E

    Warhammer the fantasy roll playing game is NOT repeat NOT going out of print Green Ronin has to stop publishing it Games Workshop sold it and Dark Heresy to Fantasy Flight games. They will be re releasing the books and creating new books
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    Dumb question

    I must have missed my link for PDF 10 how can I get it re sent. it may have popped into spam folder by accident...although I get my RPGNOW letters just fine
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    New campaign Idea

    Please note that if this is in the wrong place could someone please move it. I would like feed back on this idea for my new campaing setting. The fall of the humans-- In the beggining the human empire rose to rule over most of the world setting. The empire is a mix of the age of the samuri...