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    TSR Jack Vance's Forgotten Contributions to D&D

    Much of the 1e PHB and DMG is written in a sort of Vance pastiche. D&D has popularized a lot of the odd, wonderful, archaic words Vance used.
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    TSR April 4th, 1984: TSR's 3rd Purge

    Me too. CCGs are spawn of MtG, which came out in -93. Eye if the World, the first WoT book, in 1990. Tomb Raider... I don't remember, but with better graphics than computers in the eighties.
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    Paizo To Make Kingmaker Bestiary... For D&D 5E!

    Reaching out to make 5e players aware of their excellent adventure paths seems like a really good idea. I'd love to see them cooperate with wizards to get some of their old Dungeon stuff out as well.
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    Age of Sigmar's Cover Art Unveiled

    Yeah, it was bad politics of GW to release it at the same time they declared WHFB dead. Though it was dead already. They ought to have given it a month or three between announcements. Or keep mum about it being dead, just continue not making models that didn't sell enough for it. Still not the...
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    Age of Sigmar's Cover Art Unveiled

    Constantly amazed by how this game, and AoS, gets a so much flak for not being old world Warhammer fantasy. Ridiculous. They are different games. (And WHFB didn't go under because of AoS. It went because it did not sell enough, in GW terms.) Criticise a game for being what it is. Not for not...
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    Investigating Tales From The Loop

    And don't miss Stålenhag's wondrous art books that started it. Tales from the Loop and Things from the Flood. (Also from Fria Ligan/Free League.) They are very enticing and inspiring, visually naturally, but also the stories.
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    [UPDATED] Sean K Reynolds just rehired by WotC

    The D20 license was, surprisingly, a license. As is the Open Gaming License. License does not mean that you have to pay, but that you have permission. The word 'licensor' does not hint at anything we did not know. That said I don't think we'll see a license as free as the d20. I think...
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    [UPDATED] Sean K Reynolds just rehired by WotC

    This must be good news. Frankly I do think the D&D team needs help, and SKR has done a lot of good things. Not that the current crew isn't doing good things, but it seems to me that they are stumbling around a bit, and need to do more to keep customers happy.
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    D&D 5E Darksun Bow alternative materia

    There's a difference between making something, and making a lot of it. I was not denying the technology (this time), but the practicality. We weren't talking about making a few glass beads, but to make enough good glass in large enough chunks so you can chip it down to use as weapons. And for...
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    D&D 5E Darksun Bow alternative materia

    Good luck with that. I challenge you to go out into a random desert and make yourself enough large bits of high quality glass to make weapons. And what do you use as fuel?
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    D&D 5E Swallowing may cause blindness

    You make it sound so enticing.
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    I defended the walls

    I seem to have gotten three! :D I don't really think my efforts were worth that much!
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    At Least 4 Months For Conversion Documents

    My first thought as well.
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    I defended the walls

    With my staunch comrades in arms I helped to hold the walls. Which is a long winded way to say 'me too'.
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    Do you allow electronics at your gaming table?

    I voted no one uses them. But everybody is allowed to. It's just that nobody wants to. And D&D5 doesn't have much use for it.