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    Gamer Milestones

    I bought into the Group Backing for the Games Theory Tables Origin Game Table. Looking forward to finally having my dream table to play on. I have been very fortunate to have a supporting spouse to build my dream game and home theater room. I rarely go out to movies anymore (even before the...
  2. Hippy

    How do you manage large-scale battlemaps?

    I use an HDTV and D20Pro to show the location of the rooms, hallways etc. under fog-of war and reveal as they progress; and then when the party has an encounter I switch to a premade board. I craft, so I use hirst arts, dwarven forge, and hand made pieces (ala DM Scotty style on youtube) to...
  3. Hippy

    Burning Questions: How Can I Add Ambience to D&D Sessions?

    LOL..Great response :lol:
  4. Hippy

    Digital map in home games

    I have used D20Pro for years. I think it is a great program. If you want it to be able to move npcs and pcs it works great. You can use as much or as little of the automated combat features as you wish. It is very flexible to your preferences at the table or away. It also will take the...
  5. Hippy

    Frequent short sessions vs infrequent long sessions

    My group meets today, but I have found over the years it really depends on life timing. Half my group is married with kids (I have three myself), this tears into weekends big-time! School events, sports, etc. The result our bi-weekly game, more than not turns into a once a month game. You...
  6. Hippy

    Cool battle map/terrain set-ups

    Very cool! Thanks for the idea.
  7. Hippy

    Cool battle map/terrain set-ups

    The pics in this thread have been great! Thanks for posting them everyone, it has really been inspiring!. As you can see from my low posting number, I do not add content that much, however I thought I'd chime in on a technique I stumbled across on YouTube. The gentleman's moniker is "DM...
  8. Hippy

    3D Dungeon Suggestions Needed

    I highly recommend you check out DM Scotty on You Tube his show is The DM's Craft and he shows you how to make awesome looking terrain for your games out of cardboard. It is dirt cheap and anybody can do it. I have made some great stuff for my table and my players love it!
  9. Hippy

    It's D&D's 40th anniversary. Tell me your D&D history, and what it means to you!

    I played my first game of D&D in 1978. I was nine years old and was shown how to play by my friend who was a year older. I was a dwarf that was promptly killed off by Demigorgon, but I did not care. In that brief session I was hooked. I begged my parents to let me have the game, and by my...
  10. Hippy

    The Great D&D Schism: The End of an age and the scattering of gamers

    After reading the bulk of the responses to this thread (I admit I have not read every response), I think it comes to down to a fundamental truth. People are human beings and as such are individuals. There cannot possibly be one unifying edition all will play without argument or some...
  11. Hippy

    The "EN World Art Show" Thread

    My 2nd attempt a digital art. I always loved the Lord of the Rings series and the movies really brought it to life for me. Here is my version of Mordor-Enjoy!
  12. Hippy

    The "EN World Art Show" Thread

    I just finished my first attempt at digital art. I was really just fooling around with the features of Artrage4, but my daughter encouraged me to keep going and I ended up with this...
  13. Hippy

    Miniatures for a Star Trek game?

    This link I found a while ago. Awesome for paper mins (if you are ok with that option). http://www.crowstuff.co.uk/trekminis/index.htm
  14. Hippy

    How do you store your gaming things?

    I have book cases and cabinets and file folders for the actual storage. I use Microsoft OneNote as my database for indexing of all my materials. Love this! It is by far the best application they have ever developed (I know...insert your own MS quip here:p ) Seriously if you have not tried it...
  15. Hippy

    Pathfinder 1E Question for the Paizo folks regarding D&D's state of today

    Been gaming with my current group for 8 years and going strong! Two of the guys in the group I have played with since middle and High School (ahem... over 25 years ago..ouch) We still play every two weeks (roughly) and have a great time! I Dm on Fridays and another memeber DMs on Sundays. I...