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    Guild Wars 4-year update

    What do people think of the new Guild Wars stuff they've added in for their 4th birthday? Fourth Anniversary content update - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW) It's pretty cool, I have to say. I hadn't touched GW for a year at least, but this has got me playing again. Hooked up with Nom (I think) and had...
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    4E Running player commentary on PCat's 4E Campaign - Heroic tier (finished)

    Did it involve a... KUNG FU DRAGON?
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    4E 4e Green Slime

    No, the current edition is not whimsical. The current edition is metal. 1E had a healthy amount of whimsy in it, which became an unhealthy amount in some supplements.
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    Gamasutra's lost interview w/Dave Arneson

    Originally done in 2004, apparently, but only being published now. Gamasutra - News - Dungeons & Dragons' Arneson: The Lost Interview
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    4E Help a 4e N00B

    The best way to think of martial powers is as little prepackaged stunts. They also happen to give you an extra 1[w] or 2[w] awesomeness boost to damage.
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    Wait, what? PC is writing a Dungeon adventure?

    It would seem so: Dungeon #164 Table of Contents Man! Now I really have to get my gear in shape for that campaign I've been planning for OVER 9000 YEARS!
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    Time to dump the "unofficial 4E info page" link?

    It's still there at the top of the 4E rules forum. http://www.enworld.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=319
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    4E d20 Modern 4E - I want it!

    OTOH, it's not really a new problem. 3E d20M solves it by drastically curtailing the ranges of all guns, which IIRC generated a bit of a ruckus at the time.
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    4E d20 Modern 4E - I want it!

    Minis might actually be a problem with modern. You can handwave D&D characters in dungeons and winding streets always being in close quarters combat, but a sniper rifle can ding you from 1 km away.
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    4E The problem with 4e

    But salt travels through time!
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    3E/3.5 Help me break my 3e addiction: NPCs with levels

    Here's a question: how would I create a human level 20 fighter NPC?
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    4E The problem with 4e

    The job of the rules is to resolve conflicts in gameplay, not to resolve conflicts on D&D mailing lists such as this one.
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    4E Experiment With 4E

    Hi, Razz! Long time no see!
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    Forked Thread: Do nonmagical 1/day abilities damage suspension of disbelief?

    Forked from: Do nonmagical 1/day abilities damage suspension of disbelief? So the fluff won't win the Pulitzer prize. Hm, hit fork instead of quick reply. Can someone merge this back with the other thread? AdvTHANKSance!
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    4E 4e and 1 combat a day

    If fights are boring because they take forever, use more minions. If fights are boring because of the lack of narrative structure linking them, well, that's not a system issue. The good thing about 4E is that it still all works, even with only one fight per day. Nobody gets overshadowed...