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Recent content by Ilya Bossov

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    Release Dust Bowl Galaxy released! It is an indie space western tabletop rpg where you are an alien crew aboard a junker you built yourself out of spare parts

    It is a rules-light low-prep game where you build your starship out of spare parts, crew it with custom made aliens, and go explore the galaxy one randomly (or not so randomly) generated sector at a time. When you blow something up, you weld the leftovers onto your ship, call them upgrades and...
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    Are you good with puns? I'm running a bad pun starship name contest.

    Are you an accomplished punomancer? Would you like your name listed in the credits of a brand new space western RPG? This is your chance. Dust Bowl Galaxy is coming out on August 1st. You name one of the 11 ships with a terrible tooth-ache inducing pun, or if you name all of them, and if your...
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    My Curse of Strahd campaign is nearing its end... I made something to transition to higher levels.

    [Minor spoilers for Curse of Strahd] A little bit of preface here: my players are exploring the Amber Temple, looking for a way to defeat Strahd for real, thus breaking the cycle of his reincarnation. They are aware that if they defeat him, he will only free Barovia for a month or so, and then...
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    The monk in my Ravenloft campaign was a little underpowered, so I buffed em in an interesting way.

    Some of this stuff is OP, mostly because the player rolled very poorly for stats. With adjustments, it might be suitable for your campaign, too! Look, free stuff: https://homebrewery.naturalcrit.com/share/r1Q7bH6m3V :)
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    4E In Defense of 4E - a New Campaign Perspective

    I enjoyed 4e for what it was: an excellent tactics game. As a melee character (fighter I think?) I had a lot of fun using footwork lure and such to rearrange the enemy positions for a perfect stomp by my friends. I don't see how it harmed roleplaying in any way, because that's on the players...
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    Book cover for Dust Bowl Galaxy RPG

    Hello folks. I'm making a book cover for this game, but I'm not sure if it conveys the right feeling. If you were looking at it in your friendly neighborhood game store, what would you think it was about, without opening and reading it? You don't get a second chance at a first good impression...