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Recent content by jedavis

  1. jedavis

    It might've been too long since you last gamed if...

    you can't find your dicebag in your (smallish) dorm room, despite half an hour of searching...
  2. jedavis

    D&D 3E/3.5 (3.5) official tokens

    I know the 3.0 starter box came with tokens; I still use them actively. There were also a number of issues of Dungeon that came with tokens; looking at them, I think they were for 3.0 as well, since some of the monsters aren't square (even in the last set that I have, the ankheg is 5 feet by 10...
  3. jedavis

    D&D 4E 4E is too balanced - options to replace all martial dailies?

    Hey all, I'm actually a 3.x player, but your Groove Points idea sounds really, really similar to Iron Heroes' notion of tokens, so if you're looking for kind of a sample implementation of Groove Points (albeit a 3.x derivative), you might take a look at that. Particularly, IH had multiple...
  4. jedavis

    Audio Cues and Initiative

    I finally got around to watching The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly last night. One of the things that struck me was the use of audio cues; whenever one of the three main characters was about to arrive on the scene, a short sound (kind of a modulated bird call) played, with the tone indicating...
  5. jedavis

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 - Does it fit?

    The way we tend to play it is that if it was for a creature of the same size with the same number of appendages, it fits. No sense bogging down the game with excessive detail (same reason we don't use encumbrance).
  6. jedavis

    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Expediting Combat?

    In my experience, slowdown comes primarily from piles of iterative attacks and high-level spellcaster havoc. My group tends to be pretty prepared, though, so it's just a question of rolling everything. Iterative attack fixes: Trailblazer's was interesting. It only allowed two iterative...
  7. jedavis

    Warlocks and Metamagic: A Better Way

    The issue of Warlocks using metamagic on Eldritch Blast came up in my group recently, and we thought about looking into the WotC clarifications on it... and then decided to manage it much more simply. Basically, it works like this: You may apply one or more metamagic feats that you know to an...
  8. jedavis

    PCs as dungeon inhabitants-seeking sourcebook

    I know I've seen a sourcebook somewhere with rules for PCs as, rather than dungeon-raiders, dungeon inhabitants. Does anyone know what I am talking about, or, better yet, the name of said book and/or its publisher?