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  1. Jester David

    Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

    I have many of my own problems. Many. But I also just dislike conversing with people who can’t look critically at media and either reduce it to being the GOAT or the literal worst with no nuance between the extremes. It’s either 10/10 or 0/10. Because there’s no conversation. It ends up just...
  2. Jester David

    D&D and the rising pandemic

    On the plus side, my housing situation has been forked of late, as I had to leave the house I was staying in for a crappy apartment. And I'm closer to retirement than I am to the start of my career, so I really want to find a permanent housing solution that I can afford in 20 years. With the...
  3. Jester David

    Cyberpunk Red & Stargate Both Delayed

    I played in a short online Cyberpunk Red game that ended until the full rules could come out and we could advance our characters. It was okay. You could definitely see how the ruleset hasn't really evolved since the 1980s with far, far too many attributes and skills. And no reason not to grab...
  4. Jester David

    D&D General How should be an official intercompany D&D crossover?

    Plus, let's face it, a D&D crossover will happen first with other Hasbro properties (the Mane Six from My Little Pony on Faerûn; Transformers meets D&D) or with other properties in a same licensed media, like the comics. Crossing over D&D with another IDW property. In the latter case, it could...
  5. Jester David

    D&D General How should be an official intercompany D&D crossover?

    Crossovers are fun but they’re seldom canon in the universes of the individual franchises. So reconciling the lore and how dimensions work is ussually unneeded. At this point, I’d like to see some good stand alone media before looking for crossovers.
  6. Jester David

    D&D 5E psychic scream: 0hp or killed

    It’s a weird wording as written it’s only going to pop heads of low level creatures. Creature at full health with 24hp or creature almost down with 45hp. It feels like it should pop heads of creatures reduced to 0hp. But does that make it too strong to use against PCs?
  7. Jester David

    D&D 5E How weak is Athlete Feat?

    I played a mini-campaign where we leveled-up to 20th level. I took the feat because it worked with my character concept, despite not being "optimal". I think it came up more in 3 sessions than War Caster. Anecdotal evidence and all, but I got knocked prone a lot. And the extra 10 feet of...
  8. Jester David

    The official EN World puppy/doggo thread

    Desdemona. The one on the right. (Obviously.) My first "puppy". I'd puppy-sat one before for a month by Dessie was my first real dog, that I had from puppy to old lady. (And only. Not likely to ever have another.) Taken a year ago. I haven't seen her in four months, but I'm assuming little...