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Recent content by John Brebeuf

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    5E A copper for your thoughts?

    Did anyone else pick up on the joke in the material component for Detect Thoughts?
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    5E Drop bow and unsheathe sword: still get to attack?

    In my last session I allowed the fighter to drop his bow, unsheathe his sword, and still attack on the same turn. The PHB only mentions unsheathing the sword as an example of a free object interaction, but I figured dropping an object adds hardly any further complexity to the undertaking...
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    5E Spell save mechanic for grappling attacks

    I don't care for the wild outcome swings that are possible with opposed d20 rolls (and I can't wrap my head around the probabilities involved anyway), so I was wondering if using the mechanic for spell saving throws would also work for grappling. Grappling attack: Target makes a Strength or...
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    5E CoS: DMing an aspect of the Death House [spoilers]

    My group ended their first session of the Death House with the encounter with the ghosts of Rose and Thorn and the discovery of the secret stairway down to the basement. However, both the paladin and fighter failed their saves and ended up possessed when they tried to leave the room, and the...
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    5E [5e] Movement question

    Hi everyone, New to the forum, with a question that came up while DMing the 1st session of Curse of Strahd this evening. The party was in an encounter with a specter (S), and the party's fighter (f) was in melee range of the specter at 9 o'clock. The paladin (p) wanted to use his movement to...