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Recent content by Kelvor Ravenstar

  1. Kelvor Ravenstar

    ZEITGEIST Resurrection in Zeitgeist Adventure Path

    Thanks for the reminder about the three miles rule about Raise Dead. I think I will keep with that from the adventure path, and present Veril's insurance policy of half price for RHC members. As good DM policy, I'll bring this up with my players too and see their preferences. Some will likely...
  2. Kelvor Ravenstar

    ZEITGEIST Resurrection in Zeitgeist Adventure Path

    How do you use Raise Dead and other spell/ritual varieties in the Zeitgeist adventure path? I'm running the campaign in 4E, up to the Dying Skyseer, and we haven't had any character deaths yet. In my experience with 4E, character deaths are bound to happen eventually, but my party and I don't...
  3. Kelvor Ravenstar

    ZEITGEIST Backgrounds for Zeitgeist (4E)

    Hi All! In preparation for an upcoming Zeitgeist game (4E version), I'm trying to come up with a set of backgrounds, separate from the 8 themes available in the Enhanced Player's Guide. I think backgrounds should be similar to, but not match exactly one-to-one with the themes. For example, a...
  4. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Star Wars gaming with D&D Gamma World (7E)

    With so many different versions of Star Wars roleplaying being discussed in this forum, I hope you won't mind me hyping my own variant. My favourite game to run has been D&D 4th edition since about a year after it came out. I was quite a fan of Star Wars Saga Edition too, but my tastes in game...
  5. Kelvor Ravenstar

    D&D 4E Get WotC 4e's Online Character Builder to work or get a sub

    I used Firefox until the update borked Silverlight. Now I'm back to Safari (Mac). One silver lining of going back to two browsers is that Safari runs the OCB faster on my machine than Firefox did.
  6. Kelvor Ravenstar

    D&D 5E Dungeon Dragons Gargantuan Miniature

    To help anyone who wanted to see the image with the broken link, here it is:
  7. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Best 3rd Party and Homebrew classes

    With the uncertain future of the DDI tools, I've begun preparing for continuing 4e for my group without them. There are some substitutes for the character builder that I can't discuss here, but they are able to handle custom content much better than the online builder ever could have. So, I'm...
  8. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Purple Index Cards: On-the-Fly Setting and Plot Collaboration

    Card Drawing Rules, Drink! deck, and more story game elements in cards My game still uses a separation of Drama and Combat decks, but I've made some minor changes to the way cards are drawn and added new cards. Since I have about half as many regular players in my current campaign as my last...
  9. Kelvor Ravenstar

    D&D Movie/TV Dungeons & Dragons 3 Movie Trailer

    Oh its very real, but has been stuck in development for a year. It was supposed to show on Syfy in december originally. I have some hopes for this movie, in a so bad its good way, like the first one. But I was disappointed to see the exact same white dragon as in the second movie.
  10. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Should I adjust the Caves of Chaos adventure for # of players?

    The caves of chaos adventure has plenty of monsters, so it probably doesn't need to be adjusted for a greater number of players, but what should a DM do when he has 2 - 3 players instead of 4 - 5+? In 4e I could just remove one standard monster for each player less than five. In this playtest I...
  11. Kelvor Ravenstar

    D&D 4E Ultramodern 4e or "The best 3rd party 4e supplement yet!"

    So far, the Infiltrator powers Concentrated Concealment and Extreme Prejudice. I don't really understand Concentrated Concealment is trying to accomplish that couldn't be accomplished by another means. My confusion with Extreme Prejudice might be that the burst size is one too big. If my target...
  12. Kelvor Ravenstar

    D&D 4E Ultramodern 4e or "The best 3rd party 4e supplement yet!"

    You're right about the feat page swap around. Pages 105 and 106 need to be pushed a couple pages back. Luckily that would be an easy fix for the Publisher to change and send out an email through RPGnow that the document has been updated.
  13. Kelvor Ravenstar

    D&D 4E Ultramodern 4e or "The best 3rd party 4e supplement yet!"

    On the recommendation of this and the other thread, I picked up the pdf today. I think Ultramodern 4 has a lot of good ideas, like the ladder system, but I think the implementation of them could be improved. Ultramodern 4 may suffer from what was said many times in the early days of 4e: doesn't...
  14. Kelvor Ravenstar

    Dungeons & Dragons & Drinking

    Edit - Woops!!! Posted to the wrong forum, could a Mod move it over to 4E please? As a slight change of pace for a D&D game, tomorrow we'll be playing D&D&D, as my birthday celebration. It will be a silly scenario where players imbibe alcoholic beverages on certain triggers, and to activate...
  15. Kelvor Ravenstar

    D&D 4E What's the point of playing 4e now?

    The reason to start a new game is if you love 4e, and aren't particularly enthusiastic about 5e as it is now. I recently moved back to my home town, and just started up a 4e game with my old gaming group for a few reasons. One, I love 4e, and for me right now its the best edition of D&D. 5e...