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    1E Old School Adventuring - Class in Session - RG

    Name: Filmark the Guardsman Alignment: Chaotic Good Race: Male Human Effective Class: Fighter-1 Former Profession: None Height: 6' 1" Weight: 208# Eyes: brown Hair: light brown Age: 18 Surprise: Normal Movement: 12" Initiative: +2 AC: 2 (5 base from Scale Mail & Shield, -3 from Dex) Hit...
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    1E EB's Adventuring in the Days of Yore - Tyranny of Dragons - IC

    Filmark stared toward the wall as he listened to the sounds of Greenest being destroyed. Finally seeing a chance to prove himself, he found himself itching to join the fight. "The enemy is out there, and I am stuck here, in my virgin battle, babysitting a damn cave pixy..." Filmark thought to...
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    1E EB's Tyranny of Dragons - OOC (full)

    Filmark (Filmark, but with a Sword strapped on his back, and a Large Round Shield on Left Arm) Filmark the Guardsman human, fighter 1, CG STR: 17 (+1 to hit, +1 damage, +500gp allowance, 1-3 open doors, 13% B.B./L.G.) INT: 15 (4 additional languges) WIS: 11 DEX: 17 (+2 reaction/attack...
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    5E E's 5E Tomb of Annihilation (ooc)

    I believe I was the 5th player, let me know if that has changed. I posted my character in the character thread, but I will also post the information here. Name : Burken Ungar (Goes by Burk) Age: 52 Class: Barbarian Race: Hill Dwarf
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    5E Tomb of Annihilation RG