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    List of monsters confirmed in Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes

    I listed my whole Lower Planes plate: Alkilith demon, Nabassu demon, Geryon, dergholoth. I'm serving all sides of the Blood War. ;)
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    D&D 5E By Blade And Claw - A Rules Expansion For Rangers by Claudio Pozas! By Blade And Claw offers a broad expansion of the ranger class and of trained beasts in D&D play! Beast Masters will be able to infuse greater power into their beast companions with the new bonding spells! Players looking for a less...
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    Dusk elf stats?

    Guilty as charged. I wanted to bring a variety stuff into the adventure. I wanted to showcase Patrina Velikovna (who was in I6 already), and the Dusk Elves' demeanor made them a better fit for Ravenloft than just having a random population of elves in Valakki, plus it gave me the excuse to give...
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    CURSE OF STRAHD Is Out Today (In Some Stores)

    If you're using Lysaga Hill as a location for 1st-level characters, the ruins there can once again serve as a hideout for bandits, possibly attracted by the legend of Red Lukas. If so, PCs might get a glimpse of a dark figure overlooking their battle with the bandits, as Strahd is keeping a...
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    D&D 5E Just checking: Hordebreaker Ranger

    I'm guessing it's 1d6+Dex from hand crossbow, plus 1d6 to the target of a Hunter's Mark spell. Assuming all attacks hit, and Dex is maxed at 20, the character in the OP deals an average of 33 (11 + 11 + 11) to the main target, and 8 to the second target. With an attack bonus maxing at +13 to...
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    Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?

    Just be sure the license of the stock art you purchase allows for that kind of intervention (most don't).
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    Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?

    Is it a product that is going to be for sale? If yes, then the artist should get some compensation. I've done free art for charity products, for instance. I kept a website at Eric Noah's 3rd Edition News and Reviews, where I posted new art weekly: characters, races, oddball mixes of the two...
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    Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?

    I should clarify: as I mentioned, the US minimum wage is (roughly) US$7 an hour (as you said, it's US$7.25). And it's actually not a "living" wage, since there's no place in the US where a single person can live off that rate. And then I mentioned the talk of raising that to US$15, which would...
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    No WotC At Gen Con This Year?

    All well and good. But for some folk it's hard to get to a convention, so they go to the biggest one in hopes of meeting everyone and getting all the new goodies. "Some folk" includes "me".
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    Star Wars Spoilers Thread [Spoilers]

    She was making a running fight, slashing blindly, against a somewhat-trained (even Snoke said Kylo's training wasn't complete) Force user who took a bowcaster (repeatedly shown during the movie to pack a mean punch) blast. Only when she tapped into the Force (and Kylo himself admitted that she...
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    Unearthed Arcana New Year Unearthed Arcana Brings Back Those Old 2E Kits

    Another thing to consider is that 5e is built on the notion of "dials": you set the complexity dial to your liking. Currently, the Fighter has an on/off switch: simple (Champion) or complex (Battlemaster). The Cavalier and Scout, as presented, offer a middle ground: they're not as complex to...
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    Unearthed Arcana New Year Unearthed Arcana Brings Back Those Old 2E Kits

    Now THAT is an idea I can get fully behind. I was a fan of an early version of SD where the character could spend an action reassessing the battle, and recover 1 SD. Getting SDs from different actions (say, begin with 1, and build up your SD as you go) would be a very interesting notion! The...
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    Unearthed Arcana New Year Unearthed Arcana Brings Back Those Old 2E Kits

    The extra actions are big part of lots of classes, of varying origins (from bonus action spells to expending spells to convert points, to additional attacks from a Fighting Style, to more effects). But the Battlemaster's Superiority Dice arose as the most different, uniquely-5e aspect of the...