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    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    Well, I'd say it's pretty close to 3. 1. 3 extra feats at first level is probably about ECL +1. I'm no expert here; it's just a gut feel. If you buy Unearthed Arcana's argument that the benefits for an ECL +1 race start to pale in comparison to the level adjustment around level 3 (and thus...
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    E6: The Game Inside D&D (new revision)

    Conviction Have you used Conviction to dual-roll (and take the higher) or re-roll anything other than d20s, like weapon/spell damage? I've seen crits at key moments flop, doing much less than regular max damage, and 10d6 spells do 14 points of damage (save for 7). I could also see a desire to...
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    A dozen metamagic cantrips (meta-cantrips?)

    I've had this idea for a while, and today I finally took the time to flesh it out. Basically, this is an idea to make cantrips a little more useful past level 3. So here are a dozen cantrips that affect the next spell cast. The questions I have are: 1) does this idea have merit (does it make...
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    Looking for D&D/d20 group in Tooele, UT

    I'm looking for a D&D/fantasy d20 group in the Tooele, UT area. I'd prefer to play, but I'm willing to DM. Respond here or e-mail me at knight_isa(at)hotmail[dot]com.
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    I'm an incompetent normal-magic DM--how do I fix it?

    For a long time I've thought I that I prefer running low-powered, low-magic games. I haven't minded playing normal/high-magic, I just haven't liked running it. I ended up scuttling my one real attempt at a high-magic campaign in FR, in part due to my inability to sort out all of the...
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    4CtF Revised - What's new?

    So I'm finally getting around to possibly using 4CtF, and I see that there's a revised version out there. Other than the d20 Modern stuff (which doesn't interest me), what is new? I understand that there were some revisions to the power costs (and that there once was a file that contained...
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    Warcraft: Manual of Monsters - any good?

    Is it? I've seen some concerns about it on the WW messageboards, but the biggest concern seems to be how well they've translated the RTS into d20 (although some concerns about ECLs and one CR have been raised, too), and as someone who hasn't played Warcraft III I probably wouldn't notice that...
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    Experience with www.GameOutfitter.com?

    http://www.GameOutfitter.com has the D&D minis for $6.75/expansion and $12.75/entry. S&H is $2.95/order. Has anyone had any experience with them?
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    Experts: A Comprehensive D20 Sourcebook for Fantasy Role-Playing Games Skirmisher Publishing ISBN 0-9722511-0-3 112 pages (4 pages title/copyright/TOC/OGL, 1 page ad) $19.95 at amazon.com or skirmisher.com (I haven't seen it anywhere else.) This is not a playtest review. I stumbled upon...
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    Adding Paraelementals to Summon Monster n

    I like the paraelementals from the Manual of the Planes, and was thinking that I'd like to add them to the Summon Monster spells so I could see them in action. My first impulse is to add them to the same spells as the elementals, since the sizes & CR's match, but I'm not sure about it. The...
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    Three new spells (including two utility spell)

    I think I'd change Dim Vision to 1 hour/level. I really don't see the point of Page. Conversation is great! It's well balanced, and it's darn cool. It's good to see a useful, non-combat, high-level illusion spell. Good work!
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    OJGR's House Rule #4: Martial Weapons

    Perhaps making it 1 + Int bonus similar martial weapons would be a good compromise. Just leave the matter of what is or is not similar up do the DM. So with a +3 bonus you could get short sword, long sword, scimitar and (depending on the DM) bastard sword (2h), rapier or nothing at all...
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    OJGR's House Rule #4: Martial Weapons

    The biggest problem I see is that has the potential of a very intelligent character burning one feat to grant proficiency in 5-6 completely different weapons (ie. long sword, halberd, longbow, greataxe, flail, and lance). If someone wants to be learning that many different kinds of weapons...