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    Gamers Wanted! Looking for players for bi-weekly 2e online game (Roll20)

    I am currently looking for players interested in playing a bi-weekly 2e Dwarven campaign on Roll20 (video and audio). Rough details: Probably every other Sunday night (EST) All Dwarf party 5-6 players If you are interested, let me know! Premise: the party are Dwarves from the same kingdom...
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    PF How would you design this high level encounter? (Terrain photos inside)

    Please see the attached photos. I am building a terrain piece for the final(ish) encounter of my campaign against the Big Bad and would love some thoughts about environmental or random effects I could use. THE PREMISE: the walls between the planes has run thin and as a result magic and all...
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    OD&D Running BARROWMAZE/RC at PAX Unplugged 2018 !!

    Hi all, Running RAW 1e at PAX Unplugged last year was a blast and a resounding success! So much so that I am going to be running more sessions this year! My pick for this year is a modified version of BARROWMAZE with the Rules Cyclopedia. If this interests you at all, subscribe to this...
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    Revised and rebalanced dragons for 1e AD&D

    Great job! Thanks for these!!
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    1E PAX UNPLUGGED -- anyone running 1e?

    I have been running a high level Pathfinder campaign for about a year and am itching to play some 1e! Is anyone here going to be running any 1e gaming at Pax Unlplugged? If not, I may design a one shot and bring some pregens in case anyone is involved in going some old school gaming.
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    PF Airship WIP build for my Parthinder campaign -- photos inside

    I hope this is the correct forum for this! I am running a high level Pathfinder campaign right now (starting at level 12) and it takes place in Lingshen (Dragon Empires). I have been working on the idea for this campaign for a few years now. It combines high level play (to cap stone, and...
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    PF Airship encounter, looking for ideas

    Hi there, I am building an airship piece of terrain for an encounter in my campaign. (oh, that rhymes) It is a ship attached to a balloon via a chain. Any ideas for a fun encounter? Sky pirates? A squadron of young dragons? I am thinking something fire-based; nothing says fun like fire and a...
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    PF High level Pathfinder game + large group. Need help with APL/CR

    Hi all, According to the CrB, if you have more than 6 players, the APL goes up by one. I am running a group of 8 players, level 12 (96 total levels). According to the CrB, an Average encounter would be CR 13. This seems rather low to me; should I be looking at the APL as higher than 13 due to...
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    PF Looking for Ultimate Campaign mass combat GP conversion

    Hi all, Within Ultimate Campaign, there is a gold piece conversion if you are not using the Kingdom Building rules. For my upcoming campaign, I will have mass combat, but no Kingdom Building. Do you know if anyone has compiled a conversion for the mass combat/army options to their gp...
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    PF Looking for high level Pathfinder intrigue ideas

    Hi there! I am going to be running a high level home-brew Pathfinder campaign set in the Dragon Empires (starting at level 12) and am thinking that I may want to introduce secret goals for each character or groups of characters (I think I will have 6-7 players for this campaign), and am...
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    5E Terrain WIP for upcoming final boss fight

    Thanks! One week until Game Night. Half way complete! And last mini is base coated. Might actually get this done on time! :)
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    5E Terrain WIP for upcoming final boss fight

    I hope this is the right forum for this, I couldn't find a terrain sub-forum. The last session of my 5e campaign is coming up in 3 weeks, and I think I have all of the narrative bits sorted, but have been working on a piece of special terrain for the final boss battle -- a ruined cathedral. I...
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    PF Does anyone own the pocket sized CRB or Bestiary yet?

    The small versions of the core books look VERY cool! I am wondering if anyone here has purchased one yet and if they think they will stand up to the rigors of transport. Thanks!
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    Gamers Wanted! 5E + Craft Beer in NYC -- looking for 1-2 players!

    Our 5E game is about to enter Season 3 and we are looking for 1- 2 players. This campaign is loosely based on Lost Mine Of Phandelver with elements of Princes Of the Apocalypse thrown in. The party is currently at level 4. We play at the Brazen Fox craft beer kitchen in the East Village every...
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    Gamers Wanted! B/X campaign in NYC

    I am looking for 2-3 players for the Desert Of Desolation campaign using B/x rules. If interested, PM me. Location is The Brazen Fox craft beer kitchen in the East Village/Union Square neighbourbood of Manhattan.