D&D 1E Looking for players for a traditional 1e AD&D campaign [online via Zoom]

Hi there!

I am looking to start a traditional, open-world, open-table 1e AD&D campaign in September. Features:
  • Open table. Play as often as you like!
  • Player driven. Players form groups in asynchronous play and in-game sessions are used for expeditions and exploration.
  • Persistent, living world. The campaign world persists between sessions for asynchronous activities such as healing, spell research, etc.

If you have any interest, I am setting up a portal on Obsidian Portal at AD&D Ondroian Campaign | Obsidian Portal

Requirements to play:
  • Webcam
  • Access to Zoom
  • A copy of the 1e AD&D Players Handbook

Feel free to ping me with any questions! If you are interested we can set up a time to discuss the campaign. There will be a few character creation sessions between now and September to get your character(s) set up.
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Is your 1e Ad&D campaign still going? Can someone join at this date? I wasn't sure, based on the campaign pages at Obsidian Portal.
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