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Recent content by Lady Diamond

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    [YB, IC] Rebirth

    Lady Diamond rides her faithful companion Striker home to the Cherry Blossom dojo and makes preparations for her departure from this world. "By all rights I should have left long ago, when my parents died, I feel fortunate to have lived this long", she muses thoughtfully and grimaces a bit, the...
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    Lady Diamond defeats Midknight (thanks for judging Sollir)

    Though D1, I can't leave my character hangin' like this, and I find YB Extremely boring these days, so... Lady Diamond issues challenge to Tier 3 and above, winner takes all. If I win, I'll commit sepuku, honorably. If I lose, winner takes my IC life, the 3 yen I have, and winner gets credit...
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    Sidhe Li defeats Lady Diamond

    Lady Diamond rides Striker in at the full gallop and slides to a stop, vaulting off she issues challenge "I challenge tier 3 to a match. Strategy, judge-generated hands and 6 flags will be set if I win the insult round."
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    Looking for a New Web Host for YB/YBA

    Well, that time has come. Events of the last couple of days have shown me that I simply don't have time to maintain the YB/YBA site including the generators (and let's be honest, nor do I care to have to deal with all the b*tching). I don't want to ever again have to take vacation time from...
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    Main Web Generator Outage - All Done

    Taking the main generator for what is hopefully a quick update. In the meantime use Meowthbot or the backup generator on AOL. Hope to be done quickly.
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    Lady Diamond defeats Cromwell

    Calling out to the realm, Lady Diamond issues challenge. "If it's a fight you seek, I stand ready. No fighters of my own path, for a new dojo rests upon the outcome of this, and I will not gain it by fighting another honored warrior." She waits for a response, performing kata and yoga to...
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    Attention Meowth! Reiella

    Send me the Meowthbot code via email please. Email to diamond@creationdynamics.com AND creationdynamics@aol.com please. I'm really curious about the bot code now. Please send ZIPPED as of yesterday (I'll be able to see the date that way.) thanks Lady D
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    Attn Darkness :)

    "Sticky-thread" YB / YBA FAQ became un-stick, please re-stick :)
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    Lady Diamond vs Kenji - Victory Lady Diamond!

    Lady Diamond White Belt 0 0 wins, 2 losses, 1 yen. Hopin' for a 3-4 flag speed match, I'll be a bit slow postin'. Lady Diamond slides her warhorse Striker to a stop and scans the horizon for a new challenge
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    Default Forum View

    This may have been discussed before, but I didn't see it anywhere. To limit strain on the boards server during primetime, how about setting the overall default view for something less than 30 days? 10 days perhaps, or 5? I'm going to change my personal view to something less, but perhaps some...
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    Website Update Question (Attn Everyone)

    Wicht with all the flurry of postin' going on right now (and I hate to ask this because I know you're quite busy with things, but since you read all the postings and I don't), how difficult would it be for you to change your original rules post and then flag me to upload it again? I'm afraid...
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    [YB 2.0] Lady Diamond vs Lyodin - Victory Lyodin!

    OOC: I'm going to bed pretty soon but posting this to maybe get in a couple rounds before bedtime. IC: Lady Diamond rides across the land, looking for a likely victi.. er.. opponent. She slides Striker to a halt and drinks from her waterflask, eyeing the terrain.
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    All Done - YB 2.0 Generator / Page Maintenance, YBA Generator

    Play on. the URL for YB is the same: YB Main Generator Page the URL for YBA is the same: YBA Main Generator Page YB Rules and FAQ need some tweaking yet, Phoenix8008's Advancement chart looks pretty spiffy.
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    [YB] Scheduled Outage - Main YB/YBA Generators - players please read

    If I'm reading the postings here correctly it appears we've decided on a YB reset time of: Midnight EST US Monday February 4 11PM CST US Sunday night February 3 (thank goodness I have that night off from work) ;) 6AM GMT Monday February 4 Therefore, I'm taking an hour before the reset time...
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    First Draft of a Home Page for YB

    A first-draft of a Home Page for YB. It isn't much right now, I could use some help fleshing out descriptions for the various links I have at the top of the page. I don't think I have the four paths listed correctly. When we decide if we need the Experimental generator or not I'll remove...