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Recent content by le grand fromage

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    D&D General Setting a campaign on a river

    The Fear of a Black Dragon podcast has reviewed a few "river orientated" scenario/campaigns in its time. Death on the Reik of course but also (and especially here) Qelong & for ambiance a background Yoon-Suing...
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    D&D General Are There Official Fantasy Religions That Have "'Heaven' By Community Judgement"

    Some Chinese mythological variants have a celestial bureaucracy that decide the individual's fate after death. Not an outcome determined by deity decree but more judgement by oligarchy(?)... (though shall not buck the system)...
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    D&D General What are underused-but-iconic D&D elements?

    Large scale isometric maps of the under-dark (OK maybe a bit niche but ever since the dungeoneer's survival guide I've loved these & yes I am in on the Survivalist's Guide to Spelunking Kickstarter)....
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    Black Widow

    Enjoyed it, would watch it again, some nice minor twists & turns and a Bourne / Mission Impossible / James Bond type vibe with touches of humour as well as some dark moments, three point eight recurring out of five?
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    "Saga of the Huscarls" as a campaign structure

    Harn would seem to be a background that would readily support this type of campaign & Harn Pottage a free Fanzine would provide further inspiration etc. Columbia have been selling copies of the continental map for 1c plus P&P too....
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    D&D General Experiences with Empire of the Ghouls, Night Below, or Other Underdark Adventures?

    I ran the Night Below back in the day, 2nd edition & it became "a bit of a slog" just one genocidal encounter after another with exponentially increasing levels of additional work for the GM fleshing out the major encounter sites... honestly I felt the D series did it earlier & better... TNB...
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    The impossibility of Point of Light settings

    Exactly, the Roman Empire took centuries to collapse & Byzantium etc. arguably took up the torch... Whilst even in such benighted places as Gaul or Brittan life went on as "normal" in places whilst in other areas the lands were devastated. Just replace Goth, Angle, Jute or Dane with Orc & Goblin...
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    Welcome to the World of Papercraft

    Liked paper terrain but love 3D printing & wouldn't go back....
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    Spelljammer "fleet action" STLs?

    Thanks, I have this and one of my ideas was to replace these cardboard counters with suitably scaled 3D printed models, but I can't find much (anything) suitable, other than occasional highly detailed (and very expensive) examples designed for 28mm figures which, also being multi-piece, would be...
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    Spelljammer "fleet action" STLs?

    Hmm.... that hasn't stopped (all be it small number) of larger more detailed "Spelljammer type craft" and the Games Workshop universe is swamped with every proxy you can imagine... I'd concede, maybe, the lack of demand point, but it does then seem to show if not a lack of imagination at least a...
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    Spelljammer "fleet action" STLs?

    I'm faintly surprised given the explosion of 3D- printing that there aren't more options for printing spacecraft of a type suitable for Spelljammer style space battles? I've seen a few (generally quite expensive & for my needs overly detailed) STLs for craft suitable for 15 or 28mm figures but...
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    D&D 4E Anyone playing 4e at the moment?

    4th Edition is still our go to "face to face" edition of choice, with terrain, figures & all the trimmings etc. etc. On hold due to Covid at present but been playing now since it was released & one day we shall return....longest running campaigns we've ever managed to maintain interest in, 'cept...
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    RPG Print News – Gaming Paper, Gale Force Nine, WizKids, and More

    Ultra-Violet Grasslands was definitely one of my better Kickstarter decisions... would love to see a sequel someday...
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    Pathfinder 1E What is the best way to dispose of a body?

    Monster Summoning IV; Order summoned creature to fly off with / eat corpse? Or gentle repose and stone shape for a quick burial without any inconvenient "fermentation related issues"?
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    D&D General Best Dungeons for Inspiration?

    Interesting question, another Jacquay module I'm fond of is Dark Tower? Also ICE's Moria module, kinda build your own dwarven themed mega-dungeon....?