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  1. Leviatham

    We are being laughed at. A ranty article purely for debating purposes.

    I hate it when people try to take the piss. I hate it when they try to hide it under a veneer of “hey, I’m just like you!” Rubbish! I have difficulties taking it, and therefore here goes this article/rant. For the last few years we have seen, and quite a few of people applauded, comedy...
  2. Leviatham

    The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 92–Crit Juice!

    The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 92–Crit Juice! In this rather awesome episode, I bring you Matt Buchholtz, the second more difficult to pronounce surname I’ve ever had in the podcast, and the first member from the Crit Juice actual play podcast to come and talk to me.Crit Juice is a...
  3. Leviatham

    Interview with Tabletop associate producer about International Tabletop Day

    Hello everyone, this is something well worth getting behind of; International Tabletop Day. I interviewed recently the Associate Producer of Tabletop, Boyan Radakovich, to talk and discuss about the reasons for, and behind, International Tabletop Day. This event is to take place on the 30th...
  4. Leviatham

    Handling Difficult situations at the table. How do you do it?

    We had a discussion recently at the podcast about how to handle difficult situations, and how to handle character death, at the table. What are people's preferred ways, or most effective ways to deal with someone who's taking too much time, cheating, or simply sulking or bullying at the table...
  5. Leviatham

    Improving the G*M*S Magazine Podcast

    For the last few weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about how to make the podcast more appealing to a larger number of people. Listeners have expressed concerns about how long the podcast can be, too much Kickstarter, too little Kickstarter, reviews can be heavy, interviews are cool, they don’t...
  6. Leviatham

    The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 81 – Alas Vegas with James Wallis

    The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 81 – Alas Vegas with James Wallis Another episode of the podcast, and this time is just an interview, since we’ll be changing things in the podcast soon, and the Kickstarter that this interview is related to is finishing soon. Being a Kickstarter related...
  7. Leviatham

    The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 79–Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein

    The G*M*S Magazine Podcast Episode 79–Dark Harvest: The Legacy of Frankenstein At last, after too long of waiting, and not without some host coordination issues, we are back to bring you more RPG goodness and more interviews. Huzzah! In this episode Dale and I talk about the recently reprint of...
  8. Leviatham

    G*M*S Magazine Unboxing of Zombicide

    Zombies are popular. Maybe it's their charming presence, their immaculate teeth, that lovely figure and walking stance, their lovely breath... Or maybe it's that we love to hack them to pieces. Zombicide allows you to do that. This game, funded in Kickstarter a while ago, comes with miniatures...
  9. Leviatham

    Announcing the G*M*S Magazine Network

    G*M*S Magazine started in June 2010 in an effort to bring news and reviews about the gaming world and products. It quickly became apparent to Paco Garcia Jaen (that'd be me), founder and - so far - creative editor for the website, that one man alone can't write enough to keep the world...
  10. Leviatham

    Interviews with Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson in the G*M*S Magazine Podcast

    Its been nearly a month since the last podcast with interviews from Spiel, and a lot longer since we recorded some goodness and brought you some interviews. Time to change that! At Dragonmeet, I had the opportunity of interviewing Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson for a few minutes, and Dr...
  11. Leviatham

    What's the state of the RPG industry and where is it going?

    The RPG scene has changed considerably in the last 20 years. And in the last 10 years. And even in the last 5 years. From the riches of the late 80’s and early 90’s to the crash of the late 90’s and the now apparent resurgence of games aided by the proliferation of ereaders and Kickstater, it...
  12. Leviatham

    Cthulhu 7th Edition is coming!

    Call of Cthulhu has been pivotal to the development of the RPG world. Yes, you can argue that as much as you like, but you’d be wrong to say otherwise. Since it came out over thirty years ago, it’s six editions have seen improvements and some of the best written adventures ever. There are an...
  13. Leviatham

    Moon Design's seminar on Guide to Glorantha campaign video now published.

    Glorantha has been around for so long that it is one of the best loved fantasy settings in a roleplaying game. Indeed is also one of the richest and most comprehensive fantasy universes out there. It is not surprising, then, thatMoon Design decided to come up with a Kickstarter campaign to...
  14. Leviatham

    How to promote games in an alternative and inexpensive way? Ideas for publishers!

    Thought this might prove useful to someone. Me and my co-hosts have been thinking of ways to promote RPGs in alternative and as inexpensive as possible ways. We also looked back at 2012 and forward to 2013 to what we're looking forward to. What would you like from your gaming 2013...
  15. Leviatham

    Chaostle: have you tried it?

    I played it once. It is like Ludo, but with minis, a lot more chaotic and very, very silly. Don't expect depth, massive gameplay or an intense experience and you'll be fine. Play it with children and you'll have the time of your life!