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  1. Louis Brenton

    [Memphis, TN] LFG DnD 5e as a player or DM

    Hey! Welcome back to the Memphis area. I dont know how much you've been around the gaming community in Memphis, so forgive me if some of this is redundant. I see groups playing in the rooms at the Cellar Game & Comic shop frequently. There's also a newer store in Memphis called 901 Games...
  2. Louis Brenton

    5E Dare You Face the Demonplague? A Review

    I've been curious about this. Thanks for the review.
  3. Louis Brenton

    SF Here's the cover of INCIDENT AT ABSALOM STATION, the first adventure in Starfinder's DEAD SUNS AP!

    I very much agree with David. Dialing back the release schedule seems like a wise move. I'd be very curious to hear about feedback they've been getting regarding the earlier release schedule. What % of Pathfinder players were completing each adventure in one month & were ready for the next one?
  4. Louis Brenton

    UA Unearthed Arcana: Revenant Subrace, Monster Hunter, and Inquisitive

    I think the revenant serves more use as a DM tool to temporarily restore dead characters to life, rather than as a player option. And I agree that it should be considered undead. But I like it & I think it's cool. An interesting application would have been to have a character slain in the...
  5. Louis Brenton

    DDAL New Official Moonsea-based DDAL Adventure Trilogies Coming From Baldman Games

    Excellent news. Hope to see more things like this happening in the future.
  6. Louis Brenton

    5E Tyranny of Dragons & Elemental Evil Miniatures

    I don't normally game with minis, but I was pondering getting a set of the 5 chromatic dragons from the Tyranny & EE series to display in my game room. I'm seeking the wisdom of those of you who have seen these minis in person, as I've only seen them online. In particular, from the Tyranny...
  7. Louis Brenton

    UA Light, Dark, Underdark - November's Unearthed Arcana

    I'm pretty impressed. This is either my favorite or second-favorite UA article since 5E launched. I think the close-quarters shooter is decently close to balanced. I think the +1 rather than +2 is an appropriate balance for its advantages. However, I might suggest that the...
  8. Louis Brenton

    5E Artist Mike Schley running a sale on all digital artwork (including adventure maps)

    Mike Schley is (in my mind) the best D&D cartographer in the universe. He's contributed to 5E materials such as Lost Mine of Phandelver, Princes of the Apocalypse, & Out of the Abyss (& countless older, pre-5E resources). If you're the type who likes to purchase digital downloads of maps...
  9. Louis Brenton

    Emerald Spire 5E conversion?

    Hi. I was in Barnes & Noble recently & I came across the Emerald Spire Pathfinder book. I was completely fascinated by it, & I would LOVE to run it in 5E. I'm wondering if anyone knows if someone's done a full 5E conversion. I'm aware that someone over on Tribality posted a few levels that...
  10. Louis Brenton

    UA Psionics Hits Unearthed Arcana

    Prior to these first-draft rules coming out, I was pretty much "meh" on the topic of psionics when I'd hear other people wanting to see them in 5E. However, having read through the first draft, I have to admit I'm intrigued & I'm looking forward to seeing more. I think it's a good first pass...