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    General (Anecdotal) conversations with Asian gamers on some problems they currently face in the D&D world of RPG gaming

    I have said in the past WotC wants D&D to be also played by Asians. I understand we have to be politically correct but I worry the cultural consultants even from the same country may totally different points of view about their own past.
  2. LuisCarlos17f

    Hasbro's Heroquest and Chaosium’s Role in the Board Game’s Return

    Now Hasbro needs an "product emplacement" of the Hero Quest in some Disney or Netflix production. What expansions after Kellar's Keep and the return of the witch lord? In Europe were sold "Against the hordes of ogres" and "the sorcerers of Morcar", but in America different titles. Will we see...
  3. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Which three classic settings do you hope for?

    My doubt is Planescape or Spelljammer. Curse of the Strand will be remembered like a classic from the 5th Ed, adding new thigs there weren't before. I have said Hasbro's plans for D&D are linked to multimedia franchises. After Baldur's Gate III the next title could be a new Planescape...
  4. LuisCarlos17f

    Hasbro's Heroquest and Chaosium’s Role in the Board Game’s Return

    Fimirs replaced with the fish-men "abominations", and there are female orcs and goblins.
  5. LuisCarlos17f

    HeroQuest returning?

    I am happy with the reedition, and I wish them a great success, but I would like the translated version to play with my niece. And what about the future expansions?
  6. LuisCarlos17f

    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    What about Bird of Prey? Should any characters be "nerfed" to can be adapted into TTRPG? A d20 set in the current age is possible, but a d20 Modern with the right power level and totally compatible with the medieval fantasy version is a different matter. This is not only the RPG, the...
  7. LuisCarlos17f

    Hasbro's Heroquest and Chaosium’s Role in the Board Game’s Return

    I see Chaosium has been very kind and generous with the trademark. I wonder this may a sign of that type of matters I like so much to speculate, as Microsft buying Betheseda.
  8. LuisCarlos17f

    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    Could we play with the vigilante class from Pathfinder? (it is in the SRD). The new about an upcoming Batman RPG was published time ago, but now it is about the future Kickstarter. * I wonder about WotC publishing a second d20 system to be genre universal. Master & Mutaminds was never...
  9. LuisCarlos17f

    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    Batman is superheroe but level street vigilante, without powers as superstrenght to break walls or throwing cars. Sometime I have imagine an optional rule as "paths", like the backgrounds of 5th Ed but with levels or ranks. The character wouldn't be more powerful, no more hit-points or bonus to...
  10. LuisCarlos17f

    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    We, or least most of us, can agree about Dark Sun as a safe bet. My doubts are about Spelljammer, Planescape and Ravenloft. Dragonlance has got a great potential as multimedia franchise, but I guess WotC/Hasbro wants to know what it's the right way to produce a blockbuster media production...
  11. LuisCarlos17f

    5E Should 5e have more classes (Poll and Discussion)?

    Maybe in a UA sourcebook of optional rules we could see something as the gestalt class, but the second class would be a "background class". This wouldn't help to be stronger or more powerful, nothing of more hit-points or bonus for attacks or save checks, but only a list of class features to...
  12. LuisCarlos17f

    5E What Is Your "Must-Have" House-Rule (If Any)?

    Other house rule by me is alignment with allegiance, even both together when they are opposite, for example a chaotic defender of law would be a shefrif who breaks the rules to keep the order, or a good-allegiance with evil alignment would be a religious zealot or a revolutionary with blood on...
  13. LuisCarlos17f

    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    I guess the most of batman villains aren't overpowered. We shouldn't worry about that too much. I have thought about d20 system would need to establish three different pillars. The level of power, the level of knowledge (all learned by PC and keeped in the memory although she was nerfed, or...
  14. LuisCarlos17f

    A BATMAN RPG Has Just Been Announced

    You can imagine whatever after the events of Death Metal. I wish them a great success but, I have said it many times, d20 system is a great challenge for DM about power level when there are firearms and modern tech, and beside that, the superpowers. Munchkin players will want something like a...
  15. LuisCarlos17f

    5E How should be the future Oriental Adventures.

    Not only mist of Akuma (although very steampunk) but I suggest other setting: Kaidan, by Rite Publishing. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/browse/pub/2373/Rite-Publishing/subcategory/4448_6626/Kaidan ---