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    Minotaur Fighter?

    Hey, guys. I've recently created a new character, a minotaur fighter who uses his horns in combat. Here it is: Kyris Bloodborn, Fighter 5, Minotaur, Lawful Neutral, Conqueror/Spy for the Minotaurs, Brute Martial Archetype Does anyone have any ideas to improve/optimize this character? Maybe...
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    5E Tavern Tales

    Hello, everybody! I have put together this thread for the sole reason of hearing some of your D&D tales! I'd love it if, in the comments below, you all share some stories from past D&D games. They can be funny, serious, scary, any thing you want. I'd love to see what you guys have to say...
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    5E Abusing spells limited only by creativity

    You know those spells like minor illusion and wish that are limited only by your creativity? Well, how do you get the most out of them? I'd love to see your ideas. For example, with minor illusion you could create a really, really, thin length of illusory wall that goes on for miles, and it...