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    Disney+ full launch day line up

    I think I'm in for the package deal of Disney, Hulu, and ESPN+. I believe it's around $13/month. Not that I need it, of course, since my watch queues are now several lifetimes in hours, give or take. But on the plus side, I'm going to (finally) ditch cable.
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    XP for Absent Players

    For the past... oh lets round up to 20 years, I've either used full XP for absent players or no XP all at (the party levels when I say & are all the same level). The exception to this is a 2-year long AD&D campaign, where I counted every XP to the best of my ability, out of a combination of...
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    What is the essence of D&D

    The essence of D&D? Arguing over how to solve a ridiculous problem with a set of ridiculous solutions .Bonus points for any solution involving lies, fire, acid, or an ill-advised combination of all three.
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    Who brings food? The GM or the Players?

    In our current configuration, the hosts provide food -- because they really like to play host -- even if we order out for the main meal. Guests bring booze. Usually wine. Sometimes beer. Bourbon or rye on the nights the gaming session goes all to hell! The DM/GM is usually a guest. But that's...
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    Bad Movies You Liked

    I'll go to my grave defending Joe Versus the Volcano as a legitimate classic American film. It sits in the middle of a Venn diagram whose circles are ridiculous, romantic, and true. It's a defining moment in the friendship of several of my closest friends that we saw Joe Vs. in the theater...
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    Bad Movies You Liked

    I think it's written in Reverse English!
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    Tips for Running Powered by the Apocalypse Games/Spirit of 77

    So sometime later this summer, after my group finishes setting rural New England on fire in our already Fiasco-ed Call of Cthulhu campaign, I'm going to run Spirit of 77 (the PbtA game based on the pop culture of the 1970s). As a child of the 1970s, I've got that part down. But I've never run a...
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    What's your favourite dragon picture?

    Not sure if this qualifies as a dragon, but... Taarna's sweet flying ride from Heavy Metal.
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    So... Traveller... tell me about the cool things you've done with it

    We're about to pause our D&D 5e campaign so my friend can run "little black book" Traveller. This is after his 13 year-old son found his stash of, ahem, little black books. I believe he has them all. Now I haven't played Traveller since high school -- which might just be 30 years ago, give or...
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    Looking for recommendations for a new TV!

    So I'm in the market for one. New house, new TV, right? It's like some kind of rule. We'll be sitting about 10' away, I'm thinking 55'' or 60''. Probably LED/LCD, but maybe plasma? There's 1 high-end Samsung plasma set still being made, but it's at or slightly beyond my price point ($2,400 US)...
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    Media Inspiration for One Unique Thing

    "You are the deadliest blind gambling masseuse in the world".
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    PF What are the advantages to Pathfinder -- for DMs?

    I'm going to be running a new-ish (we played one session before the holidays) Pathfinder campaign after 1.5 years of running AD&D. Let's just say as I've been prepping I've been experiencing a bit of system shock... I've never run Pathfinder before. In fact, I've only played one Pathfinder PC...
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    Opinions - IPad 2 or 3?

    I'm in the market for a tablet, primarily for gaming PDFs, comics, and reference books. I've already own an iPhone 4s, which I think is swell, but e-reader wise, it's only practical for novels. We already have an iPad 2 in our house -- my wife's. She uses it all the time. While I do notice the...
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    Seeking advice: I think my PS3 just died

    So as I was closing in on the endgame of Mass Effect 3, my original model PS3 (60GB, full backwards compatibility) shuts itself off: 3 beeps then a blinking red power light. I shut it down, wait a while, power it back up, same thing. I wait some more, dust it off, then manage to get it running...
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    What do you recommend for the Xbox 360?

    So I just inherited a 360 from a friend who's divesting himself of his possessions ahead of a move out of state. Lucky me! Thanks to my wife's new interest in fitness games, I've ordered Kinect & Your Shape (& Kinect Sports). What else is good? BTW, I've already got a PS3 (and now have far...