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    D&D 5E Could the Sorcerer get a Shaman subclass

    Why go to that trouble when subclasses are the meat and potatoes of 5e? Classes are notoriously hard to balance, and need to not step on each others' toes. If it steps on the toes of another class, it belongs as a subclass doing so (essentially, multiclassing through subclasses). Class needs a...
  2. Marandahir

    D&D 5E Could the Sorcerer get a Shaman subclass

    I'd make Shaman a Warlock subclass, actually. "The Primal Spirit" Patron. Invocations to the earth, and all that jazz
  3. Marandahir

    D&D General Which material planes do you like in your cosmology?

    Per the core rules, I treat Ravenloft not as a Material plane but as a demi-plane wrapped in mists within the Shadowfell. But one could consider the Shadowfell and Feywild as alternate Material planes, I guess. I like Athas, Nerath, Eberron, and the 5e Magic planes, and have played with all of...
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    D&D 5E Aren't Short Rest classes *better* in "story-based" games rather than dungeon crawls?

    I think it make sense to do 3 short rests a day. 8 hours long rest, hour of morning prep (breakfast), 3 hours march, 1st short rest, 3 hours march, double length short rest (lunch), 2 hours march, 3rd short rest, 2 hours march, hour of evening prep (dinner), sleep. 8/1/3/1/3/2/2/1/2/1 light...
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    D&D General Dark Sun Nostalgia Thread [+]

    Oh I agree. I just think that if they don't offer some guidance as per the above, a lot of people would complain that they're leaving out key elements of the setting. They're not going to complain if the setting book doesn't feature martial maneuvers or alternate Genasi forms (when we haven't...
  6. Marandahir

    D&D General Dark Sun Nostalgia Thread [+]

    100% agree that you could do these well. I would put a Dragon King Patron Warlock in, and maybe a Psionic Wizard or Artificer subclass, and definitely include stats for Thri-Kreen characters (and maybe Muls and Dray Dragonborn). MAYBE reprint the Aberrant Mind and Goliath. Then you need defiling...
  7. Marandahir

    TSR Best D&D Novels

    "Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch" by Mizuno Ryo. It's the original Lodoss War story, adapted from a Mizuno's original Lodoss D&D game replay (Mizuno was the DM). The novel was recently published in English for the first time ever. The same story appears in manga and anime form, as well...
  8. Marandahir

    D&D General Dark Sun Nostalgia Thread [+]

    They don't need to provide all of those game mechanics in 5e. Just like 5e sadly has no rules for Brown, Grey, Iron, Adamantine, Steel, Cobalt, Mercury, Orium, or Mithral Dragons, but it DOES have rules for the Gem Dragons which 4e did not (though Purple Dragons are in 5e, they're just called...
  9. Marandahir

    D&D 5E Holiday Worlds as D&D settings

    Halloween-town is the Shadowfell, full stop. I like to think that Christmas-town and Easter-town are Domains of Delight.
  10. Marandahir

    D&D 5E 2022 WoTC Books?

    Astral Plane. Astral Sea was 4e terminology; they returned to the idea of an Astral Plane in the 5e PHB/DMG. Though functionally it seems to be identical to the more fleshed out concepts of the 4e Astral Sea, and I personally will continue to refer to it as an Astral Sea in my games.
  11. Marandahir

    D&D 5E Tal’Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn Releases January 18th 2022!

    I don't watch Critical Role. Tal'Dorei is a cool setting book even in the older Green Ronin version. Can't vouch for the balance of the player options (they were broken/weird in the 2017 version) but maybe they revised them somewhat for the revised book. But the lore is pretty fun and great...
  12. Marandahir

    D&D General Dark Sun Nostalgia Thread [+]

    Other Dark Sun products can be found all listed here, and where you can buy the various products: The Burnt World of Athas - Products Most importantly, you can check out these documents for Dark Sun 3, which is the 3.5e version of Dark Sun: The Burnt World of Athas - Dark Sun 3 The website...
  13. Marandahir

    D&D 5E 2022 WoTC Books?

    There's a new version of Kamigawa coming? Is it actually written this time at least in part by people whose cultures it was appropriating? This is news to me! I see now the Neon Dynasty set coming this first quarter of 2022. That makes Kamigawa significantly more likely for the 2022 MtG book...
  14. Marandahir

    D&D 5E 2022 WoTC Books?

    Now that I've spent my time in this thread arguing against speculation, I'm going to do some speculating too, though perhaps less of the tangential kind: I highly doubt we're getting Kamigawa. That's another Oriental Adventures quagmire waiting to happen. It was written by White guys, for an...