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    Let's Take Another Look At That One Ring 2E Cover

    Seriously? What canon would that be against? Show me some quotes where it says women Dwarfs don't fight. Yes, the Hobbit had no female dwarfs in the company, but there is no mention of the make-up of Dain's forces. The Fellowship only had the one Dwarf. So, your sample size is... two novels...
  2. MartyW

    3E/3.5 Jonathan Tweet: Prologue to Third Edition

    I hard disagree about 2e. For me, 2e fixed almost everything that annoyed me about AD&D’s hodgepodge rules. And while the setting bloat didn’t help TSR’s issues, it was largely other product lines that ultimately sank the ship — Amazing Engine, Dragon Dice, Spellfire, and other not-D&D products.
  3. MartyW

    Wizards also updated the Basic Rules PDF

    No one seems to have noticed that aside from the newly updated errata, WotC also updated the D&D Basic Rules PDF. But there are still some improvements that should be made. The monster stat blocks still need some reorganization and additions. The updated look is great, but the document still...
  4. MartyW

    4E Awesome D&D 4e Adventures that can be used in D&D 5e

    For those that missed out on 4th Edition for #reasons (please NO edition war), I started a post about really cool adventures that could easily be transported from 4e into 5e. It suddenly became 4 posts... with more potentially waiting in the wings. I did not highlight Madness at Guardmore Abbey...
  5. MartyW


    I have compiled a list of the recent class-related articles. It's not a full UA index, but has the recent playtest materials around the new class paths. http://ragingowlbear.blogspot.com/2016/12/dnd-5e-class-options-unearthed-arcana.html
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    I see this a lot on ENWorld... and what's worse is the higher the post count, the more condescending those users tend to be... <sarcasm>Which is an awesome way to make newer users feel welcome in the community.</sarcasm>
  7. MartyW

    3E/3.5 Attempt at Conversion doc to convert 3.5 edition and Pathfinder monsters to D&D Next - on the fly

    Great article. Q: You ignore the ability stats in your advice, but the stats and their bonuses (which are essentially the same as in 5e) are listed in the 3.x SRD. Why not use those numbers for the computations?
  8. MartyW

    OSR D&D 5e OSR backwards compatibility

    Thanks! I thought AD&D Fighter got extra attacks, but I missed that in the book for some reason. Been a long while since I played AD&D.
  9. MartyW

    OSR D&D 5e OSR backwards compatibility

    I posted a follow up to my prior article. Be gentle. http://ragingowlbear.blogspot.com/2014/06/d-combat-math-internet-stikes-back.html
  10. MartyW

    OSR D&D 5e OSR backwards compatibility

    If you look at the charts, the "attack bonus" progression only changes once you get into negative ACs, and the repetition (of to-hit numbers) isn't a curve, it's just not a 45 degree line anymore. I.E. looks like: AC To Hit -1 20 -2 21 -3 21 -4 22 -5 22 -6 23...
  11. MartyW

    5E Starter Set Contents Teaser

    The dice better be these or it just ain't worth a plug nickel.