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  1. Mirth

    d20 Past = 4th Edition?!?

    I haven't been around the boards much lately, but I saw an ad for this in the newest Dungeon and it got me to thinking about using the d20 Past (Modern/Future) ruleset for running a D&D game. Please discuss.
  2. Mirth

    I have a new baby boy!!!

    My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy yesterday morning at 1:24 am. We had no idea whether it would be a boy or a girl (we like the surprise), but all of us (Mom, Dad and big brother Rohan) had a feeling it would be a girl. Boy, were we suprised when Max arrived. Weighing in at 8lbs 13oz...
  3. Mirth

    Bought 3 Arrows POD, can I d/l the 3.5E rev. pdf?

    I bought the POD version of 3 Arrows for the King awhile back and it came with a d/l link for the 3E pdf as well. I was wondering if I might be able to d/l the 3.5E revision of it? Shortly after the 3.5E revision came out, I re-downloaded the pdf, but it was the 3E version, not the revision. I...
  4. Mirth

    Crazy Overseas Movie Trailers! [broadband only, probably]

    Who knows what they're saying? Who cares? They all look cool as hell!!!! Devilman Steamboy (Otomo is Back!!!!) Appleseed Immortel (I think this one might be French. Gez?) Feel free to post any info about these films or links to other cool trailers in this thread... EDIT: Found another...
  5. Mirth

    TSR Q&A with Gary Gygax

    :eek: I for one would LOVE to see this, Gary. Any possibility of contacting Skip and tweaking this enough to release under d20 or OGL? (That assumes that the material is still around and both of you are even interested, of course :D ) Jay
  6. Mirth

    Anybody have pdfs of d20 Modern Bullet Points & Notes from the Bunker?

    The title says it all. I'm looking for pdfs that collect the various Notes from the Bunker and Bullet Points that Wizards.com has released so far for d20 Modern. Thanks in advance for any help, Mirth
  7. Mirth

    TSR Q&A with Gary Gygax

    I don't really have anything to ask, I just wanted to say that I find all of this history fascinating. Thanks, Gary. Also, I did have the pleasure of meeting you one summer in Atlanta at DragonCon back in 1986 or 87 I think (when it was still a split affair between the Atlanta Fantasy Fair &...
  8. Mirth

    [Admin(s)] Can I get my username changed?

    I asked Uriel how he was able to change his username and he said to post a thread here with my request. Currently my username is "mirthcard" with a lower-case "m". I'd like to shorten it to "Mirth" also changing the beginning letter to an upper-case "M". Is this possible? Thanks in advance for...
  9. Mirth

    [Midnight] Errata for the CS & AtS available as download?

    Hey FFG Greg et al, Thoth from the Midnight Yahoo! group posted this as part of a short review of Minions of Shadow recently: "With all the 3.5 questions that have hit the list, I should also mention that there's a brief, 2-page section on the 3.5 rules. The last two pages of the book include...
  10. Mirth

    Stats for Blended Quartz Armor?

    I'm putting together a Pal 2/Sor 2 for a MEd20 PbP game here and I read that Blended Quartz armor is supposed to be good for melee sorcerers, cuts down on ASF and all that. Can anyone post all of the stats for BQ armor? Thanks in advance for any info, Jay
  11. Mirth

    Mac Users Identify Yourselves!

    Howdy! I hardly ever stray over into this forum cuz I'm a Mac user and there never seems to be much here that pertains to me. However, I know there are other Mac users on the boards and I wondered how they used their computers for gaming and whether they'd like to share the wealth of knowledge...
  12. Mirth

    Is there a database or listing of core/base classes?

    Does anyone have a listing of what core/base classes are offered in all of the d20 products? I know dreamthief has a database for the prestige classes, but I was wondering if the same kind of thing had been done for the non-prestige ones... If not, should we start one here in this thread? I'll...
  13. Mirth

    HeroesCon / Charlotte, NC / June 13-15 - Who's Going?

    I'm only going to be there Saturday the 14th, but I thought I would post here and see if any other ENWorlders would be there too. Probably won't have too much time to play or even hang much, more of a meet-and-greet, place-a-face kind of thing. I'll keep checking this thread and we'll see if we...
  14. Mirth

    [M&M][4CTF] Anybody banged these two together?

    What the title says, I guess. I've had 4CTF for a while now and just recently picked up M&M. I'm sure somebody's already tried to see if these two great tastes taste great together. Really enjoying M&M and can't wait for 4CTF Modern to arrive. Jay
  15. Mirth

    Using Star Wars d20 in D&D?

    I'm thinking of adding the races, classes, skills & some of the equipment from Star Wars d20 (original or revised) to a regular D&D campaign, making it sort of science fantasy I guess. Has anyone else done this already? Would the conversion be that difficult? I did google up this page...