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    5E Most User-Friendly VTT? (Dice Games In The Time of Covid)

    I don't find any VTT "easy" and I don't really expect any to be. The easiest for me has been d20pro because it is focused on d20 games it can focus features and UI to be optimized for that game type. The problem with d20pro is that it doesn't have all the official materials available. If you...
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    5E Survivor 5e Elementals: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

    Air Elemental 16 Dao 13 Djinni 20-2=18 Earth Elemental 17 Efreeti 9+1 = 10 Elder Tempest 18 Fire Elemental 18 Water Elemental 18
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    5E Survivor 5e Elementals: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

    Air Elemental 16 Dao 12-2 = 10 Djinni 19 Earth Elemental 17 Efreeti 23+1=24 Elder Tempest 18 Fire Elemental 22 Water Elemental 20 Water Weird 11-2=9
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    ICv2 Reports 23% Growth In RPGs in 2019

    I wonder if the pandemic will help or hurt sales. Yes, lots of people are going to have economic issues and sellers are going to have supply line issues, but at the same time people being stuck at home may play more games and games are much less expensive than many other forms of entertainment...
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    How to Game When Everyone Else is Online

    I used Discord on my recent GaryCon game. I didn't have the quality issues I've had in the past, but I still can to run a VPN for voice to work. In my experience Google Hangouts/Meet, Microsoft Teams/Skype, Zoom, JoinMe, WebEx, and GoToMeeting are far more stable, especially if you have...
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    Paizo Paizocon 2020 Is Cancelled

    I just finished a game from virtual Gary Con. Loved it. Hopefully this will make VTT conventions more popular, even with in-person conventions return. It was a great way to play games, run by DMs from members of third-party publishers, that I would never otherwise have a chance to.
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    5E DnD Beyond with VTT

    For anyone out there using DND Beyond and a VTT, how are you using them? Even if I rebuy all the 5e rulebooks for whatever VTT I end up selecting, I still see myself using DND Beyond for superior search and look up. I'd mainly be buying the content for a VTT for having the macros done, getting...
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    Which Online Virtual Tabletop Do You Use?

    I don't know what fate dice are. I can say that d20pro is designed specifically for d20 system games. It is not trying to be all things for all games. That's another reason I'm still seriously considering Fantasy Grounds, which seems like it can better support more, and very different, game systems.
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    5E Survivor 5e Elementals: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

    Air Elemental 24 Dao 18 Djinni 28 Earth Elemental 24 Efreeti 25+1=26 Elder Tempest 24 Fire Elemental 25 Frost Salamander 15 Galeb Duhr 23 Ice Mephit 9 Magma Mephit 14 Marid 25 Salamander 5 Water Elemental 23 Water Weird 24-2=22
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    5E Starting level

    But you don't need to be cautious. I think modern versions of the game and all the heavily story driven game streams have created a sensibility where players expect PC death to be rare and meaningful. But easy death at low levels can make you feel much more invested in the characters who do make...
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    5E Starting level

    Depends on the group. Sometime when you go exploring to see what happens, what happens is somebody dies. As long as you make it easy for the player to get back in the game with a new character that can be a lot of fun.
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    5E Starting level

    Sure, I got the idea when an old friend visited from out of down and ran a Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure. Each player is given four characters, none of which have class level. Just race, profession, and resources based on their profession. The idea is that the a number are likely going to die...
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    5E Starting level

    One shots are your friend.
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    WIKI Resources for Playing D&D Online (links to wiki page)

    Not sure what makes this a "wiki" as I can see no way to edit the page and this page doesn't appear on the Wiki page list, but anyway, I would add: d20pro The Forge Astral VTT Table Tools For VoIP/Web meetings, I would add: Google Hangouts/Meet Zoom JoinMe Microsoft Teams GoToMeeting WebEx
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    5E Playing DnD online

    Last night I started doing a deep dive with d20pro and I'm liking it. In particular, I am looking for a program where I can have a large number of large maps that I can quickly pull from with fog of war, that I can progressively review as the party explores, and drop tokens on for tactical...